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Title: The Crucible
Author: Arthur Miller
Title: Snow
Author: Julia Alvarez
Title: Son
Author: John Updike
Title: Ambush
Author: Tim O'Brien
Title: Kitchens
Author: Aurora Levins Morales
Title: Bread
Author: Margaret Atwood
Title: Prime Time
Author: Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Title: Kubota
Author: Garret Hongo
Mary Warren
Servant of Proctor's house
Reverend Hale
Specializes in witchcraft; from Beverly
Rebecca Nurse
Town's midwife
Anne Putnam
lost 7 babies
Abigail Williams
Niece of Reverend Parris; started witchcraft hysteria
Judge Danforth
judge of the trails
Goody Good
60-year-old pregnant woman
Thomas Putnam
Greedy man that would do anything for land
Parris's slave
Giles Cory
His wife read books (he suspected her of witchcraft)