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What season of AI is now playing?
Season 6
Who was the most loved and unlikely contestant to get voted OUT in the second to last round last season?
Chris Daughtry
Who won in the 4th season and is now a big-hit CD seller across the US?
Carrie Underwood
What days does AI come on?
Tuesday and Wednesday
What town was Carrie Underwood from?
hint: she did a song about it called "I Ain't in (blank) anymore"
Is Simon married?
i really don't know
What new product is being made and sponsored by AI?
Simon Cowell perfume and cologne
Who is the host outside the audition rooms?
Ryan Seacrest
Is that little piece of gossip you heard about Ryan dating Paula true?
What color are the stenciled people on the breif intro in the beginning with the theme music and the blue background with the stencils? they also play it after commercials (hint: be specific)
lime green
Is Randy Jackson related to all-famous Michael Jackson? (hahaha if he is)
i don't think so
What was Paula's claim to fame in the earlier days?
dancing and singing in commercials, excersize videos, and children's videos with cartoon characters
How many do they do Hollywood Week?
Does Ryan Seacrest use a mike when he talks to people outside the auditioning rooms?
do the either sad or extremely happy people in the elevators know there is a camera watching them and showing them either screaming with joy or sobbing on national TV?
it depends on if they see it
How many cases on week 2 of Hollywood Week has the person seen the camera in the elevator?
Had those people already heard the either happy or sad results? What were the either happy or sad results?
no; one made it and the other didn't
How many of the waitresses on rollerblades made the cut on auditions when 3 came in?
only one
Did both cousins make it in the auditioning week when 2 cousins who had been living together tried out?
no; only one made it
How old was the man that got disqualified for being over the age limit? What had happened that made over one third of the watchers cry?
he was 64; his wife died of cancer 2 days before the audition
was there a case this season (there almost always is) that a man had to leave his pregnant wife to try out? Did he make it?
yes for both questions
Were the two best friends that tried out split apart? In what part (ex: Hollywood Week, Auditions, Voting Weeks)
yes in Hollywood Week