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Who took the panama canal?
what was the reason for the panama canal?
link atlantic to the pacific
who owned panama?
How did roosevelt get the right to the panama canal?
he helped the panamanians in a rebelion to win their indepence, they then granted roosevelt the right to build the panama canal
Who was the first builder of the panama canal?
Fernadan Deleseps
Who helped clear the mosquitos and malaria from panama?
Walter reed
What was the roosevelt coralary?
He told the europeans that the US would deal with the carribeans
who was diaz overthrowen by in mexico 1911?
then what happen to madiro?
Huerta used military to overthrow him
What did president wilson do with huerta?
he wouldnt deal with him untill he changed his ways
What happen to the US after the spanish war?
They became the worlds number 1 economic power house
What was the US's reason to intervene in the rest of the world?
2-spread freedome
What was US's involvement in the Japan and Russia war?
they help stop the war, treaty took place in portsmith, New hamshire
Who did the united states say they would act as a police force for?
the western hemishpere
In 1904 the US intervened with?
In 1906 the Us intervened with?
controled the vote in cuba
How did taft mess up when it came to making deals?
he believed all deals could be made with money
What did the US decided to finaly do with Huerta?
they sent troops to Vera Cruz
Who overthrew Huerta?
Who overthrew Coranza?
Pancho Villa