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Why should the US not get invloved with the war in europe?
-war kills people
- wasnt a progressive idea
- 1/3 of population are foreign born
-traditional fear of european involvment
Why should the US get involved inwar in europe?
-it was messing up trade between europe and america
-colonial competition
-americans had lent money to allies and wanted that money back
What sent the americans over the edge?
german U-boat sunk the lustanian in 1915, and their were many amercicans abored
what was the sussex pledge?
the pledge stated the german you boats would warn boats before sicking them?
what happened when germans began to do really well in the war?
they revoked the sussex pledge
what was wilson slogan to be re-elected in 1916?
kept us out of war
what did the zimmerman letter that spies intersepted say?
that germany wanted to allie up with mexico and fight US
What were wilsons 14 points?
-free trade
-freedome of seas
-open negotiaition
-more countries
-gun control
-league of nations
who was the reform society?
-reformers who followed scientific guidlines
-bond people together
How did the Goverments power increase in world war 1?
- they put in place a draft
-took over all amercian industries to produce military good for war
-raised taxes and sold bonds to get money
In the 20 million wounded and dead during WW1, who had the least casulties?
What was wilson reason for war?
He said he wanted to make the world safer for democracy
What happen to eugene debs when he spoke out against the war?
he was sentenced to 10 years in jail?
when were the first american troops sent to the war?
What did wilson what edouard house to do?
Create a world order for democracy
Who was in charge of the IWW?
bill hayward
What did George Creal do?
he was the commity for the public
What did the C.P.I do?
they would persuade people to be for the war
What did Eb dubois preach?
urged the black people who were elite to lead the way for others
What was the NAACP?
National assosiations for advancement of colored people
What was the great migration?
people moved from south to north for industie purposes
What was a consequence of the migration?
how long did world war 1 last?
1914 to 1918
Why was WW1 different then previous wars?
it was a war with technolodgy
who were the first to exit the war?
the russians when Lennen took over in 1917
who were the leaders of US, GB, FR, IT during the war?
US= wilson
GB= George
FR= Clemenceau
IT= Orlando
Treaty of versaille?
-german colonies out
-german land to be shrunk
-germans had to pay a lot
-germans lost navy
-germans blamed for war
-league of nations
Which article did people not like about the league of nations?
article 10= one goes to war all must help one
why did wilson look bad when he left to europe to sign the treaty?
he looked like he didnt care about domestic affairs
Did the US sign the treary?
NO, congress didnt vote for the treaty
what happpen in 1918 during mid-term elections?
Republican party went up
who were the strong reservation group, irreconciable's, and the mill 10?
they were all groups against the 10 article of the league of nations
when did congress officially end the war?
in 1921
discrimanation against immigrants
Marcus garley?
told black people to run their own affairs?
red scare?
communist scare