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Term used to describe President FDR's relief, recovery, and reform programs designed to combat the Great Depression
New Deal
Period at the start of FDR's presidency in 1933, when many New Deal programs were passed by Congress
hundred days
government-funded projects to build public facilities
public works program
Established by Congress in 1933, put more than 2.5 million young men to work restoring and maintaining forests, beaches, and parks
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)
Established in 1933 to raise farm prices through government financial assistance
Federal project to provide inexpensive electric power, flood control, and recreational opportunities to the Tennessee River valley
Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA)
Period of legislative activity launched by FDR in 1935 in response to his not doing enough for the "ordinary man"
Second New Deal
Law passed in 1935 to aid unions by legalizing collective bargaining and closed shops; established the National Labor Relations Board
Wagner Act
Workplace open only to union members
closed shop
System established by 1935 Social Security Act to provide financial security, in the form of regular payments, to people who can't support themselves.
Social Security System
Why did FDR begin the New Deal by closing the nation's banks?
It gave the banks time to think about their future.It was also the beginning of a federal inspection of all banks. These actions helped Americans believe that banks could be trusted again.
How did the National Industrial Recovery Act aim to help businesses?
By raising industrial prices. Also by creating industry wide codes to regulate industrial procedures, which helped balance the economy.
What did the 1936 election reveal about voters attitudes toward the New Deal?
Americans were so happy with the New deal that they voted to keep FDR in office.