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traditional Christian beliefs, including that the Bible is literally true
Why did Christian fundamentalist oppose the teaching of evolution?
Evolution contradicted the story of creation in the Bible, that the world was created in six days about 4,000 BC
Places that illegally sold alcohol during the Prohibition
Person who supplied alcohol illegally during Prohibition
1925 court case which debated the issue of teaching evolution in public schools
Scopes trial
Who were the people involved in the Scopes trial?
Clarence Darrow (defense lawyer), William Jennings Bryan (prosecuting lawyer), and John T. Scopes (defendant, science teacher)
What was the outcome of the Scopes trial?
Scopes was found guilty and fined $100, but the trial was widely seen as a triumph of science over fundamentalism.
What cultural conflicts did Prohibition highlight?
Differences between urban and moral values; speakeasies were common in cities. City people were willing to break the law to drink alcohol; rural people mostly kept the law.
What divisions in American society did the Scopes trial reflect?
The division between fundamentalist, traditional values and modern scientific belief.
Describe the racial conflicts of the 1920s.
Mob violence between African Americans and whites; lynchings; and the revival of the Ku Klux Klan