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Term used to describe the 1920s because of the popularity of a new kind of music
Jazz Age
Group of writers in the 1920s who believed that they were lost in a greedy, materialistic world that lacked moral values. They often chose to live in Europe.
Lost Generation
African American rebirth of literature in the 1920s, centered in Harlem
Harlem Renaissance
ways of communicating to big groups of people
mass media
What types of mass media were used in the 1920s?
Newspapers and magazines, movies, and radio
What types of changes occurred with the rise of the mass media in the 1920s?
Development of a national culture; growth of the movie industry, newspapers, magazines, and radio.
How was radio broadcasting important in the Jazz Age?
The growing radio audiences helped to popularize Jazz.
How were the experiences of African Americans reflected by the writers of the Harlem Renaissance?
They wrote about traditional black culture and the experience of African Americans in society.