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The Wilson Administration
Used propaganda to join the war via the CPI (committee on public information); imposed racial segregation
"Liberal internationalism"
Wilson's foreign policy that rested on the conviction of economic and political progress went hand in hand. Twentieth century discussion involved foreign policy in the language of freedom.
The Roosevelt Corollary
Developed by Theodore Roosevelt, as an extension of the Monroe Doctrine. It gave a right to the United States to intervene, to stabilize, economic affairs in Western Hemisphere against European powers.
the US and World War One
WW1 started in summer 1914 and ended November 1918; US was not directly involve, until towards the April 1917.
the Fourteen Points
Wilson's 14 statements of moral causes for American involvement in WW1. League of Nations was born.
EV Debs
Convicted in 1918, under the Espionage Act, for delivering antiwar speech. Ran for president in 1920
WEB DuBois
Very well educated man; founder of the NAACP and editor of, The Crisis magazine
Meca for southern African Americans. The migration to Harlem was full of poverty and bad living conditions, but several times better in comparison to the south
Versailles, 1919
The Treaty of Versailles was signed, implementing Wilson's League of Nations, and land distribution between the allies.
the CPI
also known as committee on public information, governmental pro-war propaganda.
Sacco and Vanzetti
2 Italian immigrants that were sentenced to death for not being American enough.
the distribution of wealth in 1929
the Scopes Trial
1925, John Scopes placed on trial for teaching evolution in biology. Was found guilty in by jury, but overturned by supreme court. William J Bryan was for anti-evolution
An economic theory from John M Keynes, which promotes public spending to stimulate economic growth at the cost of federal deficits
Andrew Mellon
President Hoover's secretary of the treasury, who advice of economic downturns were normal part of capitalism, which weeded out unproductive firms.
"torches of freedom"
Campaign to persuade women to smoke, masterminded by Edward Bernays.
the KKK
Reborn in Atlanta 1915 and faded after 1925; up to 3 million card carrying members. Mostly against blacks, jews, catholics, and women's rights.
media in the 1920s
Radios, phonographs, and publications were main sources of media.
Herbert Hoover
31 President, from 1929 to 1933; Worst president ever, i.e. Hoover-villes. Did nothing to combat the great depression.
New Deal government agencies
NRA (National Recovery Administration), head by Hugh S Johnson, it established industry codes and standards for output, prices, and working conditions. AAA (Agricultural Adjustment Act) caused raising farm prices and incomes, but did not benefit none land owning farmers. CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) projects to protect forest, flood control, preserve wildlife.
the Supreme Court in the 1930s
Stopped FDR's New Deal proposal, because economic planning was unconstitutional.
the Great Depression and why so bad?
Began with the Wall Street Crash of October 1929 until the beginning of the War in 1941.
election of 1924
Republican John Calvin Coolidge became president in 1924.
race based public policy in the 1920s and 30s
Most public policy discriminates against blacks, eastern and southern Europe.
Red Scare
General A Mitchell Palmer generated search warrants for suspicious activity leading to communist conspiracy.
New Deal public works
PWA (Public Works Administration), directed by Secretary of Interior Harold Ikes. To build schools, roads, hospitals, and other public facilities. CWA (Civil Works Administration) produced construction of highways, tunnels, courthouses, and airports; it was quickly dissolved to its high costs. TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) building dams for flood prevention and provide cheap electric power along the Tennessee River.
John Steinbeck
Writer and author of The Grapes of Wrath. Talks about the migration from the dust bowl region to California.
John L Lewis
Produced a new labor organization, called CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations).
Upton Sinclair/EPIC
Wanted to End Poverty in California, but greedy millionaires attacked his message and was victim the negative campaigning.
Huey Long
Idea of share our wealth; introduced the idea of maximum wage.
the "radio priest"
Father Charles E Coughlin, weekly broadcast against Wall Street, greedy capitalist, and Franklin D Roosevelt.
Social Security Act
From the Second New Deal, it was enforced in 1935. It was designed to provide unemployment insurance, old age pensions, and aid to disable, elderly poor, and families with dependent children.
the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938
It banned goods made by child labor, established minimum wage, and overtime pay for hours exceeding more than forty.
the 1936 election
The re-election of Franklin D Roosevelt against Republican Alfred Landon.
Axis leaders in WW2
Germany, Adolf Hitler; Japan, Hirohito; and Italy, Benito Mussolini
Four Freedoms
Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, freedom from want, and freedom from fear; Norman Rockwell had made a painting of the freedoms
Nicaragua in the 1930s and 40s
Ruled by Anastasio Somoza, as a dictator.
the Free World Association
Organization of refugees from Germany and occupied countries of Europe, sought to bring the United States into the war against Hitler.
Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941, Japanese planes bombed the naval base at Pearl Harbor
the OWI
also known as the Office of War Information, created 1942. Built to mobilize public opinion, but it concentrated by focusing on New Deal social program, from FDR, which congress eliminated most of its funding.
Executive Order 9066
FDR gave order 1942 to expel all persons of Japanese decent and place them in interment camps.
the Double V
the double victory for African Americans from winning against Germany and Japan, and winning against segregation at home.
Bretton Woods Conference
made the dollar as the main currency for international transaction, created the World Bank, and International Monetary Fund.
June 1941
When Germany invaded the Soviet Union.
Atlantic Charter
a promise the final destruction of Nazi tyranny, open access market, right of all peoples to choose their government, and global extension of the New Deal.
Allied wartime leaders
Great Britain, Winston Churchill; Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin; United States, Franklin D Roosevelt
Swiss neutrality
June 6, 1944
D-day; 200,000 American, British, and Canadian soldiers, led by Dwight D Eisenhower, landed in Normandy.
WW2 deaths
Over 60 million people killed
August 6, 1945