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Who is Theodore Roosevelt?
-Became president in 1901 after assaination of William Mckinley.
-Known as the "Progressive President."
What were some of Theodore Roosevelt's reforms?
-Pure Food and Drug Act (restricted the sale of dangerous or ineffective medicines).
-Meat Inspection Act (elimated the packaging of impre meat which transmitted diseases).
-National Reclamation Act (provided funds for dams, reservations, and canals).
-Restricted private development on acres of underdeveloped land to make parks.
Explain Roosevelt's Foreign Policy.
-Roosevelt believed in American interference in the world.
-He believed in different foreign polices for "civilized" and "uncivilized" nations in the world
Explain the Roosevelt Corollary.
-Roosevelt said that the US had the right to oppose European intervention in Western Hemisphere and intervene itself in the domestic affairs of its neighbors if those neighbors proved unable to maintain order and national soverignty on its own
-Colonialism was ending in the latin countries and they were being liberated from Europe and the US opposed further colonialism and wanted the western hemisphere to be full of free nations but says they will intervene with nations who had trouble.
Explain the Panama Canal.
-50 mile long and 6 mile wide canal that linked the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans
-US paid Panama $10 million and an annual rental fee of $250,000 until dec 31 1999.
-They did this because it was faster to go through and get to the ocean ocean versus going all the way around South America.
-The canal was used as a military defense mechanism for the US to help them protect the Western Hemisphere.
Who is William Taft?
-Was governor of Puerto Rico
-Succeeded Roosevelt in the election og 1908
-Later became a Supreme Court Justice
-Became unpopular because he was not progressive like Roosevelt
-Roosevelt had hand picked Taft so everyone has expected him to be like Roosevelt.
Explain Taft's Dollar Diplomacy.
-Extended American influence into "less developed" regions
-Nicaragua 1901 the US served custom houses to sqaush a revolution
-US banks were urged to give loans to the nicaraguan governments to increase US financial leverage over the country
-It is important to have leverage over someone so that you can influence that country nad have control.
What happend during the Election of 1912? Who was running and who won?
-Roosevelt entered the election under the progressive party (aka bull moose) trying to defeat Taft.
-Taft entered as a Republican Cadidate
-Woodrow Wilson entered as the Democratic candiate and he was also progressive
-Wilson won because the Republican votes were split between Taft and Roosevelt
What did Woodrow Wilson establish?
He established the modern income tax which is the 16th ammendment in 1913.
Explain Wilson's foregin issues?
-His foreign issues were still in line with the Roosevelt Corollary.
-US established a military government in the Dominican Republic that lasted 8 years.
-1915 in Hati the US military squashed a revolution and drafted the Haitain consitution in 1918.
-In the Carribean, Wilson purchased the Danish West Indies and renamed it the Virgin Islands.
Explain "Birth of a Nation".
-Was the most controverisal movie of all time.
-By DW Griffth in 1915
-The film tells a story of the US from the view point of a white conservative/supremicist.
-Portrayed Blacks in a negative sterotypical way
-It glorified the KKK and boosted Klan memberhip.
-Wilson had it shown in the White House.
-Was against Northerners.
What started World War I?
-June 1914, heir to the Austria-Hungary empire, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his Wife visted Serbia and were gunned down by a Serbian Nationalist (radical) who killed them because Serbia wanted Bosnia and Austria-Hungray took it.
-Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia and Germany supported Austria-Hungary.
What countries make up the Triple Entente or Allies
What countries make up the Triple Alliance or the Central Powers
-Italy (later joined the allies)
What happend at the begining of World War I?
-On Aug. 3,1914 Germany declared war on Russia and France and attacked Belgium.
-On Aug 4 1914 Britain declared war on Germany
-President Woodrow Wilson vowed to remain neutral because the war was not the US's affairs.
-Britain set up a naval blockade to prevent Germany from providing war supplies to the enemies
-Germany declared to sink enemy vessels on sight.
-In May 1915 Germany sank the British passanger ship the "Lustiania" 1198 were killed including 128 Americans.
-Wislon demanded Germany not to repeat such an act and Germany said Ok
-In 1916 Germany attacked an unarmed French steamer called the "Sussex" injuring many American passageners.
-Still remaining neutrual Wilson again demanded that Germany to stop and they said Ok.
Explain the Zimmerman Telegram.
-During the War Great Britain was breaking German codes.
-So both Germany and Great Britain asked the US if they could use their codes to transport messages to their allies and the US agreed.
-In 1917 Britain intercepted a telegram from German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmerman to the Mexican government and the message said:
"In the event of war between Germany and the US, Mexico should join Germany and in return it's 'lost' providences (such as Texas and California) will be reinstated."
-Wilson still does not declare war yet.
What sparked the US to finally join in on WWI?
-In March 1917 Germany torpedoed 3 American ships
-April 6 1917, US finally declares war on Germany, promising a peaceful end of the war to the world.
Explain the Selective Service Act.
-Congress passed the "Selective Service Act" in May 1917 drafting almost 3 million men including African Americans.
-Soliders were segregated.
Explain the Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919.
-The flu epidemic started in the US in 1918.
-The US soldiers seemed to have spread the illness overseas during the war.
-Within a year, the flu virus spread worldwide killing a total of 25 million people.
-A German general said it was the cause of Germany losing the war.
Explain Wilson's 14 points.
-established during the paris peace conference
-freedom of the seas
-open covenants of peace
-end to secret treaties
-reduction of weapons of war
-free trade
Explain the Treaty of Verailles 1919.
-The treaty offically ends Worl War I.
-Austro-Hungarian empire was divided into 12 new states.
-The league of nations was formed.
-Germany had to pay $ for the WWI because they were blammed for starting the war.
-This took a lot of Germany's money
-Germany's army was reduced to 100,000 men with reduced artillery
-Germany lost their Afircan colonies
-Because of this Hitler will rise.
What is the League of Nations?
An international organization to oversee world affairs and prevent wars (US was not involved)
What is the aftermath of WWI?
-In the US lots of people were arrested for opposing the war many were socialists
-German music and books were banned
-German language courses were removed from school cirriculum.
-Many German-Americans were fired from their jobs and harassed.
-US was anit-German
-The war ended before many American were prepared for it and they lost their jobs.
-100,000 businesses went backrupt
-5 million americans lost their jobs
Explain Red Summer.
-Summer (lasted 3 months) of 1919 when soldiers were coming home from war.
-Era of race riots throughout the US
-Increased lynches in the South
-Many were black veterns
Explain the Red Scare.
-Combination of the flu epidemic, red summer, and activities of the Comintern.
-Red signifies (outside foregin-born radical agitators).
Explain Comintern.
-In 1917, Russia became a full fledge communist government
-The establishment of the "communist international" (comintern) made revolutions around the world to spread communism.
-A series of bombings occured in the US
-This formed everyone's opinion about communism.
Who was Warren Harding?
-Elected president in 1920
-Had a weakness for gambling, alcohol, and women
Explain the Teapot Dome Scandal.
-Albert Fall served as Harding's Secretary of the Interior.
-Fall urged Harding to transfer control of the rich naval oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyoming and Elk Hills, CA from the navy department so Falls could have control over them so he could make money by leaasing them out.
-Fall secretly leased the reserves to 2 businessmen and recieved half a million dollars to eliminate his private financial troubles.
-Harding understands Falls situation beause he was a gambler himself.
-Fall was convicted of bribery and sentenced to prison for a year.
-In july of 1923, a tired and depressed Harding suffered 2 major heart attacks and died
-Calvin Cooldige succeeded him.
Explain the Dawes Plan 1924.
-Germany and European allies are struggling with war debts
-Germany was attempting to pay reparations to France and Britain.
-the US agreed to the Dawes Plan that gave Germany loans to help pay for reparations to France and Britain.
-This gave US financial leverage over Germany
-Britain and France would in turn take the reparation money from Germany to pay US back for their war debts
Explain what was going on in the 1920s.
-The middle class emerged and became distinct
-The economy was improving
-Prosperity was more widely spread including for many Blacks (in large cities)
-The automobile industry became one of the most important industries due to assemby line.
-The automobile industry helped people improve their financial situations.
Explain the Harlem Renaissance.
-Highlighted the artistic life of African Americans in New York.
-The Harlem Renaissance is so important because it shed a different light on African Americans versus their slave past.
-Emergence of poets, novelists, musicians, and artists.
-Was an effort to bring awareness and prove the richness of African and African American culture and to show that it was important.
Explain the new Ku Klux Klan (kkk).
-kkk was mainly opposed to the 15th ammendment
-Eventually the kkk was successful and blacks became disfranchised.
-Klan activity declined until the 1920s (until birth of a nation was introduced)
-The "new" Klan emerged to encourage a pure white society (they targetted all non white minorites)
-After WW1 they targetted besides blacks, catholics (because they were not protestant) jews, and immigrants because the klans target for terrorism
-Klan activity spread to the North and midwest not just in the south.
What was the largest klan state?
Explain Prohibition.
-With the passing of the 18th ammendment alcohol consumption was to reduce.
-Instead alcohol consumption and organized crime increased
-bootleggers and moonshine emerged.
-Crime rate doubled
-Emergence of gang wars
-Speakeasies (hidden in basements and office buildings) replaced saloons.
-The 18th ammendment was replaced (the only one) with the 21st ammendment which made alcohol legal.
-The period of prohibition was viewed as a failure.
Explain what happened during the Scopes Trial.
-Occured in Dayton, TN in 1925
-To bring attention to a small town by challenging the anti-evolution laws (prohibited the teaching of evolution)
-Fundamentalists (literal interpretation of the bible) v. Modernists (modern science)
-American Civil Liberties Union offered free legal counsel to any TN teacher willing to defy the TN anti-evolution law in a test case
-The ACLU wanted this law to be declared unconsitutional.
-John Scopes (sub. biology teacher) apreed to be arrested for teaching the theory of evolution.
-Clarence Darrow, the best known defense attorney was his attorney
-William Jennings Brian, politican and fundamentalist served as the head of prosecution and was friends with the judge.
-Case was dismissed and Scopes went to jail
-Anti-evolution laws were not considered unconsitutional until 1968.
Who is Calvin Coolidge.
President to succeed Harding
Whos is Herbert Hoover.
President that promised to solve the nations financial troubles president at the start of the great depression.
Who was president during the Teapot Dome Scandal?
Who was the first president to the the Lassiz Faire Idea?
During the 1920s US economy was dependant on what 2 industires?
Which president became a supreme court justice?
In the 1920s this community was completely destroyed...
What is the 16th ammendment?
Income tax.
What is the 17th ammendment?
gives each state 2 senators.
What is the 18th ammendment?
prohibited sale and manuafacture of alcohol.

only on to be repealed.
What is the 19th ammendment?
Women right to vote
What is the 20th ammendment?
established detaisl about presidential succession adn the beginning and end of the terms.
What is the 21st amendment?
ended prohibition.
Who are the current senators for tennessee
-lamar aleaxander
-bob corker