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Vasco Nunez De Balboa
first to find Pacific Ocean.

sailed for Spain.
Vasco De Gama
first all-water route to india.
Hernando Cortez
wanted to claim new land for Spain, went to Mexico, and conqured the Aztec empire. thats where the Montozumo's Revenege story in Mexico comes from.
Francisco Pizarro
went to Peru and conqured and killed all the Incas.
[better know this one]
creditied for discovering america.
Juan Ponce De Leon
Found florida, and was looking for the fountain of youth.
Ferdinand Magellan
first person to sail across the world, his crew survived but he was killed in the Phillipines.
Bartolomeu Diaz
first person to round the Cape of Good Hope.
Amerigo Vespucci
map-maker, signed his names on maps that he made according to what sailors told him, and his signature is hwta ended up naming America.
first permement english colony.

located in florida. [south florida?]
second permement colony. Located in Cape Cod, Massechutes, started in 1620.
John Rolf
Pocahontas's husband.
Royal Colony
a colony that is still under direct control of the king.
Joint Stock Company
allows several inverstors to pull their money together and support a colony, that would in the end yield a profit.
Indentured Servents
people that came to america for free. they got a free trip, a rich person paid for them and fater the trip even allowed to them to live and eat and so on with them. but in return, they had to be servants for 4-7 years to pay off the favor.
the colony that disappeared. it started evne before jamestown, in 1590. Started by John White, and no clue of whta happened to his crew, just the word "Croatoan"was carved into a tree, which is a name of an indian tribe, so their either got kidnapped/killed, or just joined the indians because they ran out of food.
Anne Hutchingson
founded Connecticut. she was banished from Rhode Island because she claimed that you can reach God without the help of churches or misters, and that is why she left and created Connecticut.
Roger Williams
founded Rhode Island. really really religious;; he was threatened by Hutchingson.
King Phillips War
New England vs. Native Americans. Metacon [aka King Phillip as the English called him] tested the colonists and they cut his head of and siaplyed it o na stick in their two for over twenty years.
William Penn
founded Pennsylvania. He joined the quakers and built and establishment for them in Penn.
society of friends, as their called.
No rank, no ministers, all religion is within all of us, that is what they believed in. And they left England because they wanted to Purify themselves.
Lord Baltimore
founded Maryland.

tip: city of Baltimore is IN Maryland, so that should help you remember the name.
James Ogelthrope
founded Georgia, and made it using prisoners, debters and so on, because before him, nobody wanted to live in Georgia because it was the battle line between Florida and the Spaniards and Indians, and the Puritans and so on.
Massachusettes Bay Colony
made in 1630. John Winthrope started it. It had church and goverment combined.
Pedro Cabral
founded Brazil.
Mayflower Compact
the beginning of american democracy. made before the people even got off the boat, and it was cival action thta included pilgrims and non-pilgrims alike. pledged loyalty to the king.
John Smith
forced his people to work and farm in order for the colony to surive. Pocahonats helped him surive when the indians wanted to kill him.
a person who owned the enitre rights to a colony.