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What was the industry that provoked a bitter conflict with President Kennedy over price increases?
The steel industry
What did the fundamental military doctrine of the Kennedy administration involve?
A focus on a "flexible response" to "brushfire wars" the Thrird World.
When did the Cuban missile crisis end?
When the Soviets agreed to pull all missiles out of Cuba & the U.S. agreed not to invade Cuba.
How did the Kennedy administration push into a stronger stand on civil rights?
Through the civil rights movement being led by the Freedom Riders and Martin Luther King., Jr.
Why was President Johnson more successful in pushing economic & civil rights measures through Congress than President Kennedy?
The Democrats gained overwhelming control of Congress in the landslide of 1964.
What was the Civil Rights Act of 1965 designed to guarantee?
Voting Rights of African-Americans.
What did the escalation of the aerial bombardment in Vietnam do?
Strengthened the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese will to resist.
What did the opposition to the Vietnam War in Congress centered in [on]?
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
Who were the aniwar presidential candidates whose political showing forced Johnson to withdraw from the race?
Eugene McCarthy & Robert Kennedy.
Why was Vietnam not a major issue in the presidential election of 1968?
Nixon enjoyed overwhelming popular support for his position on the war.
Peace Corp
Kennedy administration program that sent youthful American volunteers to work in underdeveloped countries.
Berlin Wall
High barrier b/w East & West erected during the 1961 Berlin Crisis.
Green Berets
Elite antiguerrilla military units expanded by Kennedy as part of his doctrine of "flexible response"
Alliance of Progress
An attempt to provide American aid for democratic reform in Latin America that met with much disappointment & frustration.
Bay of Pigs
Site where anti-Castro guerilla forces failed in their U.S.-sponsored invasion.
Cuban Missille Crisis
Tense confrontation b/w Kennedy & Khrushchev that nearly led to nuclear war in October 1962.
New civil rights technique developed in the 1960s to desegregate lunch counters and other public facilities in the South.