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What were the goals of Progressive Reformers (4)
Protecting Social Welfare, Promotiong Moral Improvement , Creating Economic Reform, Fostering Efficiencey
What was the book The Jungle about and who wrote it
It was about the meat factories and how dirty they were. It was written by Upton Sinclair
What is Trust Busting, "Good" vs. Bad trusts.
Good: trusts had a conscience , and Bad Trusts greedily abused the public
What is Rember the maine?
The ship that was sunk and started the Spanish Ameican cuban war
What was President Mckinley called
What did P.R. Hawaii and cuba have in common
Wanted and fought for naval bases
Why was america considered an Imperialist Country?
Had the strongest economy, race and military
List Three major Factors that contributed to the industrail revolution in the USA
Welth of natural resources, explosion of inventions, Growing Urban Population
What was Henry Ford's important Invention
Assembly Line
Who were the Robber Barons
Carnagie, Rockerfella, J.P. Morgan
Why were the Robber Barons givin there name
they took from other companies, a monopoly
What was the sherman Anti Trust act:
outlawed monpolys
Social Darwinism
Survial of the fittest
Immigratoin locations:
Ellis Island: New York , europe
Angel Island: San Fran, asian
Complete devotion to ones country
What is the Gentlemans Agreement
Limited immigration of japanese and would have them sperated, Schools work etc
What is the Chines Exclusion Act
Limited chinese imigration and would have them seperated in schools, work etc
What were settlement houses
Groups of immigrants workers placed in a town or house near factories
Who were settlement houses run by
by college educated woman
What were the Problems of Urbanization?
Housing, Crime, Fire, Sanitaion, Water, Transportation