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Marco Polo
*Influential trader and traveler
Johannes Gutenberg
*Invented the printing press which increased the exchange of ideas
Christopher Columbus
*Opened up route to North America for Europe
*25 B.C.
*Introduced the idea that Earth was a sphere and developed a grid system
*A.D. 900
*Built cliff-side dwellings like Mesa verde, had an Egalitarian culture, and develped into an organized society
Mound Builders
*A.D. 100
*Built great mounts, trade system, and large cities.
*A.D. 900-1100
*Had a large city and built the largest mound
*16th and 17th centuries
*Lived in Northeastern U.S., and set up an alliance of five Indian tribes
Leif Eriksson
*1,000 A.D.
*Leader of the first group of Europeans to step foot on North America
Hernan Cortes
*Spanish conquistador who destroyed the empire of the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro
*Killed an conquered most of the Incan Empire
*Spanish soldiers or conquerors who destroyed Native Americans such as the Aztec and Inca
St. Augustine
*Spanish fort in present-day Florida
Giovanni da Verrazano
*Sailed up the Atlantic coast for France, searching for the fabled passage to India.
Jacques Cartier
*Sailed up the St. Lawrence River and established contacts with Native American trappers
*First English colony (settled in Virginia)
*settlement of Pilgrims
Charles II
*King of England who granted large areas of land to his brother and friends
William Penn
*Founder of Pennsylvania colony, which had religous freedom
Pope's Rebellion
*Indian named Pope who led a group of Pueblo people against the Spanish, destroyed all but two missons, drove Spanish priests back to Mexico
King Philip's War
*Indians raided Puritan towns and slowed down English expansion
Bacon's Rebellion
*Bacon led a group of farmers and attacked Indian tribes' land in the west
French and Indian War
*War fought between France and Great Britain, Britain won, and France lost all of its land in Canada and to the east of the Mississippi River