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Placer Mining
Method of extracting mineral ore by hand using simple tools like picks, shovels, and pans.
Quartz Mining
Method of extracting minerals involving digging beneath the surface.
Open Range
Vast areas of grassland owned by the federal government.
Long Drive
Driving cattle long distances to a railroad depot for fast transport and great profit.
A stray calf with no identitifying symbol.
Henry Comstock
A prospector who,in 1859, staked a claim in Six-Mile Canyon, Nevada, where mud was found, that turned out to be nearly pure silver ore.
Vigilance Committee
Formed by self appointed volunteers to track down and punish wrongdoers.
Chishlom Trail
The cowboys drove nearly 1.5 million head of cattle up this between 1867 and 1871, to Albiene.
Barbed Wire
Enabled hundreds of square miles to be fenced off cheaply and easily.