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Who invented the Revolver
Ethan Allen
What company made the oreo?
The National Biscuit company, (NaBisCo)
Who invented the Bubblegum?
Frank Henry Fleer
Who invented Sliced Bread?
Otto Rohwedde
Who invented the first lever action rifle?
Walter Hunt
Who invented the drinking straw?
Marvin Stone
Who was the founder of the circus?
P.T Barnum
who were the guys that made corn flakes?
The Kellog Brothers
Who invented the ferris wheel?
George Ferris
Who invented the elevator?
Elisha Otis
Who was the inventor of the can opener?
Ezra Warner
ANIMAL FARM: who was the author of animal farm?
Eric Blair, (George Orwell)
What was the whole point to show in the novel, Animal Farm?
To show the corruption in Stalin's Government.
Characters: Napoleon, Snowball, squealer, Old Major, Sheep, Mr. Frederick.
Stalin, Trotsky, Molotov, Karl Marx,Dub followers, Hitler.
Name interesting facts about winston Churchhill
Had a speech impediment, Served in wars in South Africa, India, and Europe,Rose in ranks of political power.
Charles De Gaulle:
He went underground and formed a resistance against the Nazi's. He became president of France, and made a system to rebuild france.
He caught polio and remained handicaped for the rest of his life. He lead America through the great depression.Named with lincoln and washington as the greatest president ever.
Joeseph Stalin:
Hated religion, became dictator of Russia, Responsible for the deaths of 6 to 30 million people.
Emperor Hirohito:
B/c of bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he surrendered. He was convinced by his advisors to go into WWII.
Adolf Hitler:
Homless for a while. Was hit with poison gas. He brought the hollocast, which killed 6 million Jews.
To kill a mockingbird is...
What was Harper Lee's mothers maiden name?
Who were the 3 "mockingbirds" of the story?
Boo Radley, Atticus Finch, and Maudie Atkinson.
What is the famous book about Hitler?
"My Struggle" good book to show how insane someone can be, noone could say that they had no warning of his evil deeds, becasue he wrote it right in the book.
What event begun the war in the pacific for the United States?
the bombing of Pearl Harbor Dec. 7th.
Name a ship that was the most beloved of the U.S.
The Lexington.
Which battle was Japan's first naval defeat since1592?
The batle of the Midway.
What battle is the largest sea battle of all time?
The battle of Leyte Gulf.
where are the 6 american soldiers in the famous WWII picture, raising the flag?
Battle of Iwo Jima.
What was the final act of the pacific war?
bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.