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The rise of Islam
Saudi Arabia - birthplace
Bedouins - practiced the first
form of Islam
nomadic people
Meca, Saudi Arabia
center of bedouins culture
home of the sacred Kaaba
contained hundreds of idols
the idols represent spirits
bedouins travel to mecca to
money was exchanged
Teaching of Islam
-monothestic religion
-people are responsible for
their own actions
-equality, no offical priest
who mediates b/t people & god.
Five Pillars of Islam
1.declaration of faith
2.pray 5 times a day facing
3.pilgrimage to mecca
4.give alms to the needy
5.fasting during ramadan
Virtues of the Koran
When does Muhammed die?
Who was abybakr?
elected the first calipn
Who was bakr?
fought to keep the muslim lands united
Who gained control of the Mediteranean?
What are the names of the two groups of Muslims?
Sunnis and Shities
What did the sunnies believe?
believed that the caliph need only be a spiritual leader
What did the Shities believe?
believed that the caliph need be a decendant of muhammad
Shities grew to adlmire martyrdom as a demonstration of their faiths and beliefs.

this is the ultimate sacrafice
What are the three powerful empires Islam gives rise to?
Facts about the Ottoman Empire
-1300-1639 AD
-turkish speaking
-warrior like
-osman is the founder
-use of offensive weapons
-gunpowder makes them powerful
What is chazis?
warriors for Islam, take land for Islam
Facts about Ottoman Golden Age
-1520-1566 AD
-Syleiman: the great
-Sultan: one with power
-Suleimar expanded empire
- complete control over