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What river did the French settle in America by?
ST Johns/Mississippi
What religion was predominant in Maryland?
Who was the organizing force in finding English colonies?
What event is known as the American holocaust?
Europeans arrive in America (Spaniards) and kill Indians
Who were the original colonies financed by?
What is the Northern most point of the Spanish settlement?
San Francisco (or maybe Santa Fe)
What was the Chesapeake Bay are made up of in late 18th century?
VA, MA, Carolinas, Georgia (immigrants)(mostly men)
In the 1600’s, where were the first American blacks sold?
Jamestown in 1619
What was Virginia’s economic problem in late 17th century?
Land became privately owned. 20% controlled 80%
What did the southern colonies manufacture?
What was education like for children in the southern colonies?
What was different between the New England colonies and the Chesapeake?
Religion (New England - escape religious persecution/Chesepeake-fame and fortune)
What were some results of the Glorious Revolution?
Soveriegnity resided in Parliament
What was the American crop that was easily grown?
What was the British government like in the American colonies?
What was the system of Navigation Acts originated in the 1650s?
Protect English shipping/Sceure profit for home country
What were the restrictions of English mercantilism on the colonial economies?
Manufacture before selling/Colonies were in debt to England
What was the view that the universe is based on impersonal, scientific laws which govern the behavior of all matter, animate and inanimate?
European Enlightenment/Age of Reason/God
What was the purpose of the Proclamation of 1763?
Reserve Indian Land
Who was the militant Boston leader of resistance to the Tea Act and of the Boston "Tea Party"?
Sam Adams
In January 1776, who did the British hire to push the colonists toward independence?
Hessian Soldiers
What was the most overwhelming American defeat in the war was when General Clinton's captured what?
During the Revolutionary War, what new constitution of replaced the office of governor with an elected council of twelve members?
Declaration of Independence. !st was Pennsylvania
What state was most successful in the movement to separate church and state?
How did the Revolution affect attitudes toward the education of women?
Where did most American citizens in the 1780s give their first loyalty to?
The state
What happened when the Revolution freed American trade from the restrictions of British mercantilism?
You could now trade directly with Europe
To much influx from Britain, greater debt, cause DEPRESSION
Who proposed a convention in Philadelphia to deal with constitutional reform at the Annapolis meeting?
Alexander Hamilton
What Amendment to the Constitution was to mollify those who feared the states would be destroyed by the new government?
Who was the author of the Report on Manufactures?
What did Washington do when confronted by the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794?
Built an army of 13,000 militiamen and went to Pennsylvania
What was the French demand in 1797-1798 for a bribe as a precondition to negotiations with America called?
XYZ Affair
What happened in the election of 1800?
Jefferson elected over Hamilton
Who was the greatest naval hero of Jefferson's undeclared war with the Barbary pirates of Tripoli
LT Stephen Decatur
What was one of the purposes of Lewis and Clark expedition?
FInd water route connecting mississippi to pacific, fur trade, useful plants, befriend indians
What act made exports prohibited and only foreign vessels were allowed to import goods to America?
Embargo Act
What was one of the major American entries in the War of 1812?
Perry takes lake erie
What were some of the causes for the War of 1812?
british responsible for indian difficulties
-low prices received for wheat and goods
- loss of foreign markets
What major US city was sacked and burned by the British in 1814?
Wash DC
Why did the Monroe Doctrine have a warning against European interference in America?
-Different Political system
-USA done and wants to concentrate on own independence
Who was the gregarious New York politician who never took a political position if he could avoid doing so?
Van Buren
Who developed the first American factory?
What happened in 1820 to interstate slave trade?
Slave trade became an organized business
Who was the mayor of New York City who organized information and political influence to convince the state legislature to construct the Erie Canal?
Dewitt Clinton
What did the Supreme Court's decision in Dartmouth College v. Woodward (1819) upheld?
Contracts made by private company were protected by constitution and state could not alter
What happened as a result of the revolution in cotton production?
cotton was major force in economy for a generation
As part of the social reforms accompanying the Revolution, all states which still had them abolished because?
When did most of the Anti-Federalist opposition to the Constitution, especially in New York, disappear?
Election of Jefferson
What was one of the few points on which Jefferson agreed with Hamilton?
Humans were selfish
What was the most effective American action against British shipping in the War of 1812?
Campaign fought around wash and Baltimore
-Naval battles on great lakes
-defense of fort michilimachanic