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Explain the phrase "taxation without representation"
Putting taxes without the consnt of everyone. the colonists
Give 3 events leading up to the American Revolution
-Boston Massacre
-Boston Tea Party
-Taxation without representation
Explain the Battle of Lexington and Concord
Started the war.
Paul rever rode and warned everyone that the British were coming
What are our unalienable rights?
LIBERTY and the Pursiut of happiness. no one can take these rights away. this inspired the American Dream
Describe the winter at valley forge
Extremely cold. diesaese. soldiers wanted to give up. Washingtons greatest challenge
Why did the Americans call the Coercive Act the Intererable acts? What were included in the Coercive acts {intolerable acts}
Because they couldnt tolerate them.
-Closed Boston Harbor
-Tax on tea
-Allowed soldiers to come into their houses