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a system of government where power is shared between a central or federal government and the states.
The name of the people who supported strong federal government
The name of the people who supported strong state governments
essays written in support of Federalists positions and the constitution.
The Federalists Papers
first 10 amendments of the U.S. constitution
Bill or Rights
list basic rights of Americans
influential Virginian who opposed the ratification of the constitution and who wanted a Bill of Rights added
George Mason
to ratify means?
To approve
ratification in government usually requires 3/4 of members to be approved and become law
to amend means to _____?
to amend means to change
the trail settlers took into Kentucky
Wilderness Road
west of the Appalachians
government where in people choose representatives to govern them
original plan for the national government of the US
Articles of Confederation
law passed to divide the western lands (the northwest territories)
Land Ordinance of 1785
the land was surveyed and divided into plots or townships (orderly growth)
plan for governing the Northwest Territories (as a territory grew it gained rights to govern and eventually become a state.)
Northwest Ordinance
an uprising of Massachusetts farmers who were angry over debt and taxes
Shay's Rebellion
The Articles of Confederation were to govern the nation after the war was over. The weakness of the Articles of Confederation let to the writing of the _________?
US constitution
____ and others propose a new plan of government
James Madison
settles arguments over representation between large and small states
Great Compromise
settles arguments over counting slaves as part of the population
Three-Fifths Compromise
plan for government with 1 house legislature and each state has one vote
New Jersey Plan
equal (large and small states)
plan offered for a new government which included 3 branches and a 2- house legislature, number of votes based on wealth and population.
Virginia Plan
states send representatives (delegates) to Philadelphia to try to solve the problems of the Articles
Constitutional Convention