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Describe the importance of th Age of Exploration
It was important because it lead to the discovery and colonization of the New World and the development of better maps and charts, new accurate navigational instruments, increased knowledge , great wealth, new and different foods and items not known in Europe, a new hemisphere as a refuge from poverty, persecution, a place to start a new and better life and proved that Asia could be reached by sea and that the earth was round.
9 major accomplishments
List three benefits of the age of exploration, include the areas of navigation and exploration.
1) Discovery and colonization of the new world
2) Better maps and charts
3) New accurate navigational instruments
New World
Maps and Charts
Navigational Instruments
List three benefits of the age of exploration, include areas of education and economics.
1) Increased knowledge
2) Great wealth
3) New and different foods and items not known in Europe
List three benefits of the age of exploration, include areas of geography and new beginings.
1) A new hemisphere as a refuge from poverty and persecution
2) A place to start a new and better life
3) Asia reachable by sea, earth round
Name the main historical factor that lead to the Age of Exploration.
7th century- the rise and spread of Islam and subsequent control over Jerusalem which led to the European Holy Wars aslo called the Crusades to free Jerusalem from this control.
Were the crusades a success and what aspect of the crusades contributed to the initiation of the Age of Exploration?
1) No but those who survived retured to Western Europe with new ideas, inventions, new methods and new products: silk, spices, perfumes, new and different foods. Luxuries unheard of that spiced up their dull lives and ideas that lead to invetions and methods that lead to standard of living improvements.
What was the result of these new infuences?
Intellectual stimulation which led to a period known as the Renaissance.
Revival of interest in classical Greece which lead to increased interest in
eight major areas.
What are the eight major areas the were effected during the Renaissance Period ?
1) Art
2) Architecture
3) Literature
4) Science
5) Astronomy
6) Medicine
7) Increased trade between Asia and Europe
8) Invention of printing press
A, A, L, S, A, M, T, PP
Who is Price Henry of Portugal?
Nickname "the navigator". He encouraged, supported and financed the Portuguese seaman who led the search for an all water route to Asia.
What is Prince Henry's nickname and how did he earn it?
His nickname is "navigator". He built a shipyard and a school teaching navigation.
How did Price Henry's school help the Age of Exploration?
1) New types of safer sailing ships were built.
2) Experiments were conducted in the areas of: new maps
newer navigational mehtods
newer instruments
Safer Ships
New Maps
New Navigational methods
Newer instruments
What were some of the newer instruments and what did they help the sailors do?
1) Astrolabe
2) Compass

They helped the sailors determine direction, latitlud and longitude for exact location.
an early instrument used to observe the position and determine the altitude of the Sun or other celestial body.
a device for finding directions, usually with a magnetized needle that automatically swings to magnetic north.