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The Middle Ages lasted for what years?
500 to 1500
When did the Middle Ages begin?
When the Roman Empire fell.
What was the period of the rebirth of learning called.
What two groups fought in the Crusades?
The Muslim Turks and the European Christians
Which side won the Crusades?
The Muslim Turks
What was the main result of the Crusades?
Trade increased.
What famous Viking leader landed in North America in 1000?
Leif Erickson
What were the Crusaders fighting over?
The Holy Land
Who invented the printing press?
A political system in which the king gave land to a lord in return for military service and protection of the people.
Who landed in North America 492 years before Columbus?
The Vikings
What is another name for nobles?
Who started a school of navigation for Portuguese sailors?
Prince Henry
The Portuguese route to Asia was around which continent?
What is the southern tip of Africa called?
The Cape of Good Hope
Who was the first European explorer to realize that North and South America were new lands?
Amerigo Vespucci
What were the two French territories in North America?
New France and Louisiana
England held land around the Hudson Bay plus how many colonies on the East Coast of North America?
What were the four Spanish colonies in North America?
1. Texas
2. New Mexico
3. Florida
4. California
Haiti and the Dominican Republic make up an island Columbus called what?
What was the island Columbus landed on when he discovered America?
Who was the Portuguese explorer that sailed around Africa to India?
Vasco da Gama
What was the first English settlement in North America
Who saved Captain John Smith's life two times?
What stated that the Pilgrims would make laws in their new colony of Plymouth?
The Mayflower Compact
Which religious group started the colony of Massachusetts?
The Puritans
What colony did Roger Williams start?
Rhode Island
What were the four New England colonies?
Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island
What did the Dutch call New York?
New Netherlands
What religious group started Pennsylvania?
The Quakers
What famous trials took place in Massachusetts?
The Salem Witchcraft trials.
What colony did James Olglethorpe start?
What two countries fought in the French and Indian War?
France and England
What were the 3 important events of 1619?
1. First slaves
2. First women colonist
3. First representative government