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who was the new quarter master general
nathaniel green
Which 2 generals was gw supposed to meet after crossing the deleware river?
charles lee and haratio gates
took husbands place at cannons
margaret corbin
Who is in charge of the boats when they cross the deleware river?
John Glover
ugly cross eyed sharpshooter
nancy morgan
says all men and women r created equal
abbegale adams
who were winning and losing generals at the turning point (battle)
Haratio gates
Johnny burgoyne
finds out of arnold's black market
john brown
What 3 generals were after albany
william howe,barry st. legar, john burgoyne
the female paul revere
subil ludingston
who is the swamp fox
francis marrian
Who is the winning general and who is the losing general at the battle of trenton
Yohan Ralls
who is in charge of cavalry at valley forge
thaddeus kosciusko
What fort do the green mountain boys take from the English?
Fort Ticonderoga
name 2 wins 4 gw
battle of trenton
" " yorktown
Who comes and trains GW's men . he has a dog named azor
friedrich von steuben
Who was the first quartermaster general that quit
thomas miflin
who is in charge of fortifications at valley forge
casmuir pulaski
Who said "i regret i hav but 1 life to lose 4 my country?
Nathan hale
What is a wicket?
A small door inside a large gate.
took husbads place at cannons
mary mc cauly
heroine of groton, made bandages 4 men
anne bailey
enluisted as a man, identity discovered by dr binny. what is her real name and her male name
deborah samson,robert shurrtluffe
Who is in charge of carrying the cannons back to the city?
Henry Knox
What date was war declared?
July 2'76
Who wrote "Common Sense"?
Thomas Paine
wife of ben arnold
margaret shippen