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Human predicament
competing groups
*relating to human nature? US has avoided human predicament for a few humdred years!
Human nature
self interest--goes to selfish
virtue--to killing for the sake of religion
push towards human reason
2 groups emerge
2- realists
1-Arete/virtue!Humans are mostly good (childlike)
2-human nature is malleable(bendable)
3-Evil is tied to evil institutions (private property, inequality)EX: Gods must be crazy- Jealosy
4- classical republics were based on virtue
1-self interest! (OK in moderation)
2- Human nature is constant (not bendable)
3- Evil exists reguardless of institutions(people always want more)
4-clasical republics were unstable and brief
The Good
universal moral truth, standard of right and wrong (Tree)
open minded- denies existence of the Good. "moral truths" are just beliefs, that they vary accroding to indiviuals, cultures,and circumstance
Man-Made Truth
Notion that man himdelf can start from scratch and decide what i morally right and wrong.....slavery is good?....those in power say what is right and that is what goes
Traditional society vs. modern society and the American Balance
Modern- French revolution
American balance- America in between

"science" is our perception of science, it does not speak in one voice. It is an amoral mean, it is blind. *it is about control and mastery- open to abuse better tools for tyrants and ancharists

Don ton:French revolution
Cambodia:Form children,year 0, no past (modern society)
American Republicanism
1- christianity
2- classical republicanism
3- liberal republicanism

Order vs. Freedom
Tyranny- excessive order
Anarchy- excessive freedom

Order comes 1st
Freedom 2nd
Administration vs. Governance
Administration:Laws that apply to some not others (boyscouts, BYU students, churches, clubs - tends to be more voluntary)

Governance: Laws that apply to ALL - less voluntary (can't take away life, liberty, or property)
Virtue vs. structure
All programs rely 1st on VIRTUE......

Structure: Missionary companion (structure is a backup plan if virtue fails)

1- Original
2- Periodic
Original: constitution or amendments

Periodic: Voting in congressmen etc.
Humes Filter
IMAGE: Pyramids on voting and representation
Separation of Powers
Bicamerialism: Best way to separtater powers is to overlap them

consent=tyranny of majority

consent+SOP= deadlock & tyranny

consent+SOP+checks & balances= compromise/cooperation and protection
Rule of Law

Laws must be general adb should not single out individuals or groups for special treatment

Must apply to law makers/kings etc.
Rule of Law

Laws must apply to future action ONLY
Rule of Law

Laws must be both known and certain (made public)
Rule of Law

Laws must be generally acceptable to those who must live by them

Periodic consent: Senator in for 2 years

Original consent: Amendments
Rule of Law

Due Process
Laws must be administered impartially

(male/female speeding ticket)
"Predictable selfdetermination"

In refrence to:
Rule of Law
know the consequences, lets you have control over your life
Legislative Branch
House of Reps:(population representation)

Senate: 2 years (equal representation)
Checks and Balances
President starts war....congress pays for it.
Balance between STATE and FEDERAL GOV'T]

10th Amendment
Power not given to US or State goes to the people
Power to make final decisions

Problems @ convention:
1-sovereignty is indivisible
2-proposals gave national gov't or states
3-states already had sovern. and wouldn't give it up
People united by interest (etc.)

Any organized group. (KKK, gray panthers, black panthers, MADD, NRA)
2 Methods for removing Factions

Traditional vs modern
1 Going After CAUSES:
*Destroying Liberty
*giving everyone same ideas, passions,opinions
(Traditional:Iran Modern:China)

2- Going after EFFECTS:
*James Maddison: The more factions the better-they will balance out
Viable competitors
State vs Federal (provides a double security) both are strong enough to compete.

States Power being "chopped" away(princess bride)
1-$ with strings attached
2-17th amendment-we now vote directly for senators.
George Washington:victory in revolutionary war, 1st president

Ben Franklin:

James Maddison:

Thomas Jefferson:3rd president, author of DOI

Thomas Paine:'Common sence'-propaganda in favor of independence
Deligates @ convention:
George Washington:

James Maddison:Father of constitution.

Ben Franklin:

Roger Sherman:proposed the GREAT COMPROMISE(bicameral legislation-house and senate)

George Mason:would not sign becuase it did not have a declaration of rights

William paterson: Presented New Jersey Plan(equal rep.)
*rules and restrictions designed to better harness virtue.
*organized system which uses self-interest thereby channeling human naure toward a desirable outcome.

Herringtons Cake: one cuts cake, but other choses slice first.
Federalists #10
how to guard against factions: small and large republics
Federalists #51
checks and balances
American Creed

DOI para 2
Classical Republicanism

(-) Greek Tragedy
-politics "R" us
-pure democracy
Classical Republicanism

(+)Greek Patriotism
-Res Publica
2-public virtue
-rule of law
-political science (labs)
-mixed Gov't (MAD)

(-)Opiated Orioles
-other worldly
-puny democracy

(+)Puritan Peity
-"city on a hill" (confidence, newness, paranoia)
-autonomous convental community-self contained-(demotheocracy)Human law=divine law
-moral self governance
-Christian calling(virtue+self interest)
-free will;baptist
-general religion
1-love of God
2-love of neighbor
3-immoral soul/final judgement
Liberal Republicanism

(+) Liberty:Enlightenment
-Ind.freedom from Gov't
-Material Self interest
-scientific reason
-pragmatism-(experiment to see if ideas work)
-structure- herringtons cake
-anti g+st...sep.of church and state
-natural equality/rights
-social contract govt,govt must protect rights
-consent (representation)
-right to revolt
Liberal Republicanism

(-) Liberation
-pure modern
-proxy for "the people" EX:Castro~don't consult