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How are nations usually defined?
How is America defined?
-economic abundance: usu. constant, an expectation/aspiration for those who haven't experienced it
-buying into American political creed: equality, rights
Lord Baltimore;haven for Catholics, Protestant servants come; religious civil war
William Penn, Quaker; religious toleration for Christians, still lack of unity/brotherhood
Great Awakening
series of revivals; emotional, unlearned style; charismatic preachers: Edwards, Whitefield
Great Awakening's impact
evangelicals persecuted; set stage for opposing civil and religious authority's alliance; evangelicals became architects for religous freedom
18th century philosophical movement; John Locke; influenced relig., edu., science, art, philos.; Constitution
Core Enlightenment Precepts
-faith in reason
-ancient civilizations=guide
-human nature=basically good
-irrational/corrupt institutions = reason for men's follies
-new, rational institutions would free human spirit of constraints of old
-orderly, gradual reform
Enlightenment and Religion
-state church held ppl. down
-not atheists, but Deists ("Clockmaker God"- set mechanism in motion, then sit back and let it run, ex.: stars= orderly mechanism, rational laws, predictable)
Age of Reason
Tom Paine
-anti Bible ("word of a demon")
-discover god through reason
Human Predicament
Tyranny--Revolution--Anarchy(chaos)--Competing Groups--Tyranny again
Good Society
escapes Human Predicament
dictatorship; ppl. are like children and must be controlled by the state
Classical Republicanism
humans are corrupt, but are corruptible; the right constitution will bring out the best in ppl.
idea of indiv. freedom; both good and bad ppl. exist, gov't should secure rights of idividuals
ppl. inherently good, but corrupted by environment (poverty, greed, etc...; gov't used to correct societal ills
Checks and Balances enforce:
Tenets of Republicanism
Liberty and Power in eternal struggle; power needs no protection, but liberty does
British Constitution/ Government set-up
The One (the crown)--The Nobility (the House of Lords)-- The People (the House of Commons)
Proclamations Line
colonists couldn't settle across line without permission; evidence of power overwhelming liberty; land=power, land=independence(American Dream)
French and Indian War
Eng. vs. France (and native American allies); England won; Treaty of Paris; costly,debt, world war
Stamp Act
taxes every official paper; Stamp tax collectors sent from England=placemen paying patronage to king Gge.; No Taxation Without Representation!; Stamp Act meant to be a small precedent for further taxes; England repeals while issuing Declaratory Act
Declaratory Act
Parliament has right to tax and bind colonists
Republican view vs. British POV
Ex: Colonists; Parliament=oppressive
British; Parliament=Liberty
Boston Massacre
triggered by fear of standing army ("regulars"); 1770
Second Treatise of Gov't
-state of nature: ppl. naturally free, no gov't, hypothetical
-gov't formed by ppl.(social compact)
-gov't's purpose: protect rights of ppl.
-consent of the governed (not divine mandate)
-right to alter or abolish (formed by ppl. so abolished/changed by ppl.)
Social Compact influenced
Declaration of Independence
American Revolution=radical b/c:
-its ideas
-its length and disruptions
Ex. of Slaves caught Contagion of Liberty
-Charleston Slave March "Liberty! Liberty!"
-Freedom suits in MA (state const. says slavery illegal, by 1790s no slavery in MA)
-William Whipple and Prince
-revolution made ppl.? slavery
Pennsylvania Constitution
-unicameral legislature
-no property qualificationsn
-election every year
-assumes ppl. are basically good
Common Sense
-Tom Paine
-important argument for independence
-radical argument against idea of monarchy
Declaration of Independence
-attacked King George III
-new political theory
-Idea of declaring independence spread
Accomlishments of Confederation
-Congress (but no president)
-Won Revolutionary War
-Northwest Ordinance
Northwest Ordinance
-establishes territories, says they will become states
-no official religion; religious toleration
-banned slavery in NW territory
Limits of Confederation
-couldn't tax (could request money)
-couldn't negotiate or tax trade (tariff)
-couldn't stop state disputs (esp. border disputes)
-couldn't defend against enemies
Road to Constitution
-Annapolis Convention (12 men from 5 states; a flop)
-Shay's Rebellion (revealed weakenesses of Confederation)
-Philadelphia Convention (55 delegates from 12 states; a success; hoped to rescue America from factions)
Shay's Rebellion
Western Mass. farmers in debt; shut down courts; showed national gov't's helplessness against domestic disorder
Federalist #10
Madison; "republican remedy" to republican disease of factions (factions bad b/c can get tyranny of the majority and trample rights of minority) = an extended, diverse republic: factions are solution to factions Ex: no religous civil war in PA because too many factions to organize
Factions Media example
President Clinton trying to fix social security: 1100 interest groups, differing interests
Check on Tyranny of the Majority
Separation of Powers
Media Clip demonstrating Tyranny of the Majority
Sen. Orrin Hatch: Iran Contra Affair; executive branch no making foreign policy with regard to Congress
Media Clip demonstrating Tyranny of the Majority/Factions
Botman Case; Jewish girl v. School Choir in Utah (Mormons)
Constitution: Rule of __?__
Rule of Law; not rule of tyrant; written constitution restrains gov't officials; called "Supreme Law of the Land"
Media Clip demonstrating Rule of Will
BBC production Nazis in Britain; Nazi mad at British woman who wouldn't sell to Nazis; arrogance of rule of force/ will
Media Clip demonstrating Rule of LAw
Al Gore steppign down, submits to law as Bush becomes President
Media Clip demonstrating Rule of LAw
"A Man for All Seasons", Thomas Moore, cutting down law to get to devil, with what do we then have to protect ourselves from him?
Media Clip demonstrating Rule of LAw
Mayor San Francisco issues marriage liscences to gays even though against CA law, state overruled him, revoked liscences
Rule of Law
-Due Process

(provides predictability)
Father of Bill of Rights
Impact of Bill of Rights
-took away Anti-Fed issue
-appealed to RI and NC
-"Cult of Rights"
Media Clip on Cult of Rights
2004 Pres. Election Debates; repetition of word "rights"
Media Clip on Cult of Rights
Group lobbies for lobsters' "right" to life
First-party System
Democratic-republicans vs. Federalists
Third-party System
Democrats vs. Republicans
1830s-1850s political parties:
Democrats vs. Whigs
1st presidential candidate to campaign for self
William Henry Harrison
Media Clip on Mob Rule
Religions, cults, where do you draw the line? Images of religions/cults (incl. "Legacy") and persecutions