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Internal Revenue Service-(collect taxes)
Bureau of Engraving and Printing- (print and coin money)
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms –(Enforce federal law regarding these three things)
U.S. Secret Service
(protect president, his family and vice president and investigate counterfeiting)
Department of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld
Department of Commerce
Don Evans
Department of Labor:
Elaine Chiao
Department of Health and Human Services
Tommy Thompson
Department of Justice
John Ashcroft
Department of Homeland Security
Tom Ridge
Central Intelligence Agency
National Aeronautic and Space Administration
Securities and Exchange Commission
Regulates trading, buying, and selling of stocks
Speaker of the House
J. Dennis Hastert
Majority Leader (U.S. House)
Tom Delay
Minority Leader (U.S. House)
Nancy Pelosi
US Representative in District 13
Jim Saxton
President of the Senate
Vice President: Dick Cheney
Majority Leader (U.S. Senate)
Bill Frost
Minority Leader (U.S. Senate)
Tom Daschle
U.S. Senator from New Jersey
Jon Corzine
Rules Committee
Makes the rules for how each will pass through the house
Appropriation Committee
oversees and investigates all issues related to government spending
Ways and Means Committee
All issues about taxation/ generating revenue
Strict Scrutiny (equal protection)
Law is presumed to be un-Constitutional, must be compelling state interest served by law and there must be no other less restrictive means of accomplishing that interest
Rational Basis
Law is presumed constitutional, as long as it is reasonable
Voters sign a petition (5-15%), the proposed law is put on ballot and voted on, (without legislative action)
Legislature decides to put proposal to popular vote.
If enough voters sign a petition, recall to dismiss elected official goes to vote.
Weak Type (Power is spread)
Voters elect a mayor, treasurer, council, assessors, executive officers

All Executive Officers influence other departments
Strong Type (Power is centralized)
Voters elect mayor, council and other executives

Mayor runs all departments
Council Manager Plan
for medium cities , voters elect council who appoints a city manager. (City manager runs everything)
Annexation Plan
Expand city limits to include suburbs> put everyone under one city government with a council.
Metropolitan Plan
Urban city government functions as the central government, each suburb has its own government.
Jim McGreevey
Number of Representatives in State Assmebly
Assembly Representatives of District 8
Larry Chatzidakis, Francis Bodine
Term of Office in State Assmbly
2 years
number of senators in state senate?
NJ Senator representing district 8
Martha Bark
Senate term of Office
Serve four year terms except the first term of a new decade (2-4-4 rule)
Municipal Courts
539, hear minor cases (disorderly persons offenses) operated by city, township and borough
Superior Courts
Criminal, civil and family law. One superior court per new jersey county (21).
Appellate Division of Superior Court
Cases are decided by panels of 2 or 3 judges. No juries, witnesses, no new evidence. 32 appellate division judges
State Supreme Court
Number of Justices: 7

Method of Selection: Governor nominates a justice, Senate votes on this nomination. If they win the vote, they are sworn in for seven years.
Tax Court
reviews decision of county board of taxation and state division of taxation.
Family Court
usually decided by judge instead of jury, judges are allowed to make cases private to protect children.
Current freeholders
James Wujcik, Dawn Marie Addiego, Theresa D. Brown, William S. Haines Jr., Vincent R. Farias
Freeholder term of office
3 years
Current Mayor of Evesham
Gus Tamborro
Current Council Members
Jud Hanlon, Jamie Montgomery, Salvatore Cardillo
Current Town Manager
Edward M. Sasdelli
of money held from your paycheck for taxes
People that you can claim to lower your taxable income
Taxable Income
The amount of income minus exemptions that the government can tax.
Tax Credit
Takes away from tax owed not taxable income
Shows state and local income tax
Income Tax form for Single and Joint Filers
Individual Income Tax Return
1040 Schedule A
Itemized Deductions
1040 Schedule B
Interest and Ordinary Dividend