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The president's chief of state role requires him to do what?
Perform ceremonial duties
What is the first place most people become politically socialized?
The Judiciary Act of 1789 determined what?
The number of justices on the Supreme Court
Marbury vs. Madison determined what?
Judicial Review was a power of the Court
A judge who believes that the Constitution should be broadly interpreted believes in __________ while a judge who believes in reading the Constitution without interpretation believes in ___________.
Judicial Activism; Judicial Restraint
Which of the following is a losing decision?
Which of the following would influence a Supreme Court Justice?
Religion, Political ideology, How other judges might rule
Presidents do not appoint cabinet members based on what?
Constitutional Requirements
Which of the following is not a part of the process of appointing a Supreme Court justice?
A House vote
Voters in primary elections are:
More ideologically extreme than in the general election
A caucus is:
A meeting at the neighborhood level
Executive departments are similar to what structure in Congress?
Standing committees
In order to gain voters during a primary campaign, politicians should:
1.) Discuss the issues they support
2.) Get their name recognized
The people who vote for presidential candidates in December are called what?
True or False, citizens vote directly for the president:
False. At no point do citizens get to vote directly for the president.
What is the line of succesion in the Cabinet?
President, V.P., President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Speaker of the House, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the most senior to the least senior cabinet member.
What is the current number of Supreme Court justices?
What do liberals believe is the most important valure for the government to promote?
Can Electors vote any way the choose?
They can vote however they want, regardless of what the voters say.
What is the difference between primary campaigns and general campaigns?
There is no difference; they are the same.
Name an example of a critial event:
The Great Depression
Are judges able to vote based on personal ideological beliefs?
How can a person appeal a case to the U.S. Supreme Court?
From his/her state's <i>supreme</i> court
The Cabinet is composed of ________ constitutionally-designated secrataries.
What is frontloading?
Frontloading is when a state wants to have their primary election/caucus early in the primary season in order to affect the system.
When is the new president formally nominated?
The day after election
What kind of primary does California have?
A Blanket Primary
What kind of reforms were the McGovern-Fraser reforms?
Reforms to the republican party
What do conservatives believe is the most important quality for government to promote?
Who writes treaties?
The Senate
Which president was the first to create a cabinet to help him run the executive branch?
What do we think of ideology today?
Today we think of ideology as only describing the amount of involvement the government should have in the economy
Who appoints Supreme Court justices?
The Supreme Court
Who funds the bureaucracy?
The president
Who has the first caucus of the Presidential election year?
New Hampshire
True or False, the Supreme Court determines its own jusrisdiction?
Can judges be impeached?
Yes, they can be impeached
Who would agree with the Roe v. Wade decision?
Judicial Activists
Judicial Review
Supreme Court
Appoint a Supreme Court justice
Impeach & remove a Supreme Court justice
Both Houses of Congress
Member of the branch presides over President's impeachment trial
Supreme Court
Confirm Appointments
Confirm Treaties
Convene special sessions of Congress
Determine size of Supreme Court
Both Houses of Congress
Impeach & remove the president
Both Houses of Congress
Determine the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court
Both Houses of Congress
Override a veto
Both Houses of Congress
Political Socialization
The process of learning about politics and political institutions
Party Identification
A way that citizens decide how to vote
Political Ideology
Beliefs based on the proper role of governmen
Nominating system in which party members discuss and persuade other party members of whom to support
Nominating system in which one’s vote is secret
Party Bosses
Party leaders that determined who would be candidate
McGovern-Fraser Reforms
Democratic party reforms that set rules about delegates and primary election timelines
California Democratic Party, et al v. Jones (S.C. 2000)
Ruling that parties have the right to determine who votes in their party’s primary elections
Incumbency Advantage
When a Congressman is popular and keeps getting reelected
Horserace Coverage
When the media covers the election as if it were a sport
In a general election, parties can generally rely on:
50% of the registered voters will vote based on their party
Why is voter turnout low in general elections?
1.) Weekday Elections
2.) Registration Laws
Which is NOT a reason incumbents have an advantage and often win elections?
Party identification
The people who vote at nominating conventions are called what?
Members who participate in a caucus are:
More politically involved
Which primary system allows voters to only use the ballot for their political party?
What happens at the party’s nominating convention?
1.) They nominate the V.P.
2.) They have a big party
3.) They officially announce the delegate votes
Primary Elections:
1.) Attract political interested individuals
2.) Are annonymous
Which of the following ideologies believe that promoting equality and order are equally important?
Libertarians and Populists
Which was the first way that presidential candidates were chosen?
Congressional Caucuses
In the readings, which President believes in the Strict Construction of the Constitution as a way to limit the power of the Executive Branch?
In the readings, which of the following are external constraints of the Supreme Court?
All of them:
1.) Impeachment
2.) Congressional Budget
3.) Public Opinion
According to the readings, a central issue of the Warren Court was:
Civil liberty expansion
According to the readings, which of the following is an approach to the study of American political parties?
All of them:
1.) Parties as Diverse Coalitions
2.) Responsible Party thesis
3.) Electoral Competition
What is an agent of socialization?
Something that teaches you about politics