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When was the U.S. Constitution Written?...And approved by __ of the __ states in ___?
And approved by 9 of the 13 states in 1788
What is the foundation/framework for the U.S. political system?
The U.S. Constitution
What did the U.S. Constitution replace? When?
The Articles of Confederation. 1781, during the Revolutionary War.
What was the site of the Constitution's creation? When?
summer, 1787
How many delegates...from how many states...assembled where...and create the constitution?
55 delegates
12 states (not RI)
May 1787
They (framers of constitution) were... (3 things)
better educated than the public
more cosmopolitan
more affuent
They (framers of constitution) had much...
Many were...
political experience
farmers & lawyers
owned lots of land
War hero
George Washington
president of convention
George Washington
Kept a diart of the proceedings, intellectual leader of convention
James Madison
"Father of Constitution"
James Madison
oldest delegate who was the glue/jell that bonded the convention together
Ben Franklin
Lawyer who helped write early drafts of the Constitution
James Wilson
Like Madison, major intellectual leader at the convention
Edmund Randolph
Most frequent and eloquent speaker @ convention, writer who "penned" actual Constitution
Gouverneur Morris