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What squeezes everything in really tall, then projects it with a reverse lens to spread it all out and is used to shoot wide screen film on regular film stock?
Anamorphic Lens
What angle makes the subject feel smaller and less significant?
High Angle
What angle makes the subject more important, tall, and powerful?
Low Angle
What angle is straight on and eye level?
Straight Angle
What angle is tilted from perpendicular?
Dutch Angle
What angle is an extremely low angle?
High Hat Angle
What is an outcasst, outlaw, misfit, rejects mainstream values, reveals somthing about culture that is corrupt, and brings something positive?
What is the size of openings when the shutter opens to let light in?
What is the ratio of height and width of the shown image?
Aspect Ration
What is the genre that treats something serious in a humorous way, like the nuclear war in Dr. Strangelove?
Black Comedy
What is any moving object that a camera is put on?
What is it when the camera rotates from left to right on a vertical axis?
What is it when the camera moves up to down on a horizontal axis?
What is it when the camera is put on a crane to move around?
What is Composition(Mise en scene)?
How the frame is arranged
What is making sure the film has a logical flow to the sequences of the action?
What is when two different scenes are cut together so it appears as if they happen at the same time?
What is it when the image will fade out at the same time as another image is faded in?
What is it when an image fades to white or black?
What is it when a nwe image is literally wiped across another image?
What can be put in at any time during production?
What kind of cut is disruptive to watch and has abrupt jumps to change time?
What is a seamless cut?
What is it when the sound from one scene is carried over to another shot or something that sounds like it?
What is it when there is a small apturature and everything in the scene is focused?
Deep Focus
What genre came from a group of films that were stylistically similar with low key lighting, psyche, claustrophobia, femme fatale, and a corrupted person?
Film Noir
What is it when a scene jumps into the past or present?
What is it when there is the emphasis on how something is shot is more important than what is being shot?
What is the type of filming that is unset and has the documentary effect?
What is a blend of formalism and realism?
How many frames per second are used in regular film/digital film?
24 frames per second/30 frames per second
What takes a frame and repeats it over and over so there is no action
Freeze Frame
What is the word for the style or kind of film?
What kind of lighting is dark with low light and is used in mysteries and thrillers?
Low Key
What kind of lighting is light and used in comedies?
High Key
What kind of lighting uses bright lights and dark shadows together?
High Contrast
What is putting pieces together and passing time?
What is it called when the character talks over the action?
What kind of shot shows the location of a film?
Establishing Shot
What kind of shot is it where there is one camera that films an entire shot with no cuts?
Master Shot
What kind of shot is wide and used for mountain or landscapes?
Extreme Long Shot
What kind of shot is used in a play so you can see all of the action?
Long Shot
What kind of shot shows the waist up?
Medium Shot
What kind of shot is very close and shows something small like an eyeball?
Extreme Close-up
What kind of shot shows a conversation over the shoulder and switches?
Reverse Angle Shot
What kind of shot is of a character reacting to an action?
Reaction Shot
What kind of shot gets closer and zooms in as the camera on a dolly moves out?
Zoom In/Out
What kind of shot is used when the camera is shot from the point of view of a character behind or over a shoulder?
Subjective Shot
What kind of shot is used from an airplane or over land?