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Olive Branch Petition
A Letter of peace drafted by the second Continental Congress to Great Britain
Continental Army
The Army formed by the second Continental Congress that would defend the colonies as a whole.
Common Sense
a pamphlet written bt thomas pain in 1776 to convince the colnists that it wadc it to become independent.
Declaration of independence
a document staring the thirteen colonies were separate from great britain.
the first part, or introduction, of a documnet.
a colonist who sided with great britain during the american revolution
one who supported independence from great britain for thr thirteen colonies.
Ethan allen
avermon black smith, led one well know group of rebels, the green mountain boys
Benedict arnold
allen and his followers joined forces with benedict and his band of 400 soliders from boston they tacked fort ticonderoga, a british out post on lake champlain
something that prevents goods and people from moving in and out of the area