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limited government
the principle that requires all US citizens, including government leaders to obey the law
page 214-230
equal opportunity
absence of discrimination, no matter if you are wealthy or poor
page unknown
right and responsibilities
given the right or an entitlement under the law you have to use the rights apropriatley
page unknown
market economy
an economy that operates by voluntary excahng in free market and is not planned or controlled by a central authority
page unknown
political party
an organization to gain political power
page 288-291,370,456
national unity
when the nation agrees on everything, usually during a war, depression
page 338
national culture
a nation's shared beliefs and values
page unknown
worth or importance, meaning of something
page unknown
acceptance of truth of something, religious faith
page unknown
free and equal representation of people, a democratic nation/government system
page 118,276
the placing of the interests of one's own region ahead of the interests of the nation as a whole
page 341-342
states' rights
theory that said that states had the right to judge when the federal government had passed an unconstitutional law
page 246
free and enslaved
these terms are usually referred to see if the person is property or has some rights
page 602-603
the movement to end slavery
page 424-427
a standard of moral or ethical decision making
page unknown
civil war
a war that tears the country into two different parts
American Civil War was a perfect example