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What are the 3 parts to the Constitution?
1) Preamble
2) Articles
3) Amendments
Article I.
Legislative Branch
Article II.
Executive Branch
Article III.
Judicial Branch
Article IV.
Relations Among States
Article V.
Article VI.
Supremary, Oath, Debts
Article VII.
Amendment 1
Freedom of Expression: You may express yourself through speech, press, and religion.
Amendment 2
Right to Bear Arms: You may have a gun.
Amendment 3
Quartering Troops:

No soldier (in times of peace) can stay in your house without your permission.
Amendment 4
Search and Seizure:

The government cannot search your house/person/possessions without a search warrent and 'probable cause'
Amendment 5
Rights of Accused Persons:

Nobody will be held to answer for a major crime without a jury. (Unless in times of war)-nor will the person be put at risk, or deprived of rights
Amendment 6
Right to a Speedy, Public Trial:

Everyone is entitled to " " and to be informed of his 'crimes' ...will also have someone in his favor
Amendment 7
Trial by Jury in Civil Cases:

When the value of the case exceeds $20, a jury will be present...any fact observed by a jury, will not be re-observed by any other court.
Amendment 23
Voting in District of Columbia:

No more than the amount of people in the least populated state, may run for pres.
Amendment 24
Abolition of Poll Taxes:

The right to vote, will not be changed by poll taxes.
Amendment 25
Presidential Disability, Succession:
If pres. is not able, vice will take over. Congress will monitor this.
Amendment 26
18-Year-Old Vote:

You can vote when you are 18
Amendment 27
Congressional Pay:

No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.
Amendment 8
Unusual Punishment
Amendment 9
Unenumerated Rights

-not written by the constitution
Amendment 10
Powers Reserved to States
Amendment 11
Lawsuits Against States
Amendment 12
Election of President - Vice President
Amendment 13
Slavery Abolished
Amendment 14
Rights of Citizens
Amendment 15
Right to Vote

Amendment 16
Income Tax
Amendment 17
Direct Election of Senators
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Right to Vote

Amendment 20
Lame Duck
Amendment 21
Repeal of Prohibition
Amendment 22
Presidential Tenure