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1st Amendment
Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, petition
2nd Amendment
Right to own a gun
3rd Amendment
People don't have to house soldiers in their houses without their consent
4th Amendment
People cannot have their property seized or searched without a warrant which shall only be issued with probable cause
6th Amendment
People have the right to a public and speedy trial. They also have the right to see, and cross examine their accusers.
7th Amendment
A trial by jury shall be offered for all matters greater than $20
8th Amendment
Bails, fines, and punishments must fit the crimes that warrant them.
9th Amendment
Just because rights are guaranteed in the constitution doesn't mean that all other rights are not protected.
10th Amendment
The states and the people retain all powers not expressly given to the national government by the constitution
11th Amendment
Citizens of one state cannot sue the government of another, foreign state
12th Amendment
The college of electors must vote one person to be president and one person to be vice president
13th Amendment
Abolishes slavery; congress may enforce this with appropriate legislation
14th Amendment
All people born or raised in the US and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens. No state shall abridge the rights of these citizens (including voting). In addition, the Union Civil War debt will be paid, but Confederacy debt will be voided and slave owners will not be reimbursed for their freed slaves.
15th Amendment
The rights of a citizen shall not be abridged because of race or color or previous slavery
5th Amendment
Crimes punishable by death or life in prison shall not be tried without a grand jury. People shall not be tried twice for the same crime. People do not have to testify under oath if it will incriminate themselves. People shall not be deprived of life, freedom, or property without due process of law. Also, private property cannot be seized by the government without just compensation
16th Amendment
Allows Congress to impose an income tax without state approval
17th Amendment
Allows people to directly elect senators
18th Amendment
Prohibits the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol
19th Amendment
Allows women to vote
20th Amendment
Moves up the inauguration dates for Presidents and Vice Presidents to January 20; Senators and Representatives to January 3.
21st Amendment
Repeals prohibition of alcohol
22nd Amendment
Limits Presidential tenure to 2 four year terms
23rd Amendment
Gives Washington D.C. electoral votes it would have if it were a state, but not exceeding the least number of votes of any state.
24th Amendment
Makes a tax for voting, aka a "Poll Tax", illegal
25th Amendment
Vice President shall take over as President should he become unfit or die
26th Amendment
Changes voting age to 18
27th Amendment
Allows Congress to vote for a pay raise, but makes sure that such a raise will not go into effect until the beginning of the next term