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Amendment 1
Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Assembly, and Petition
Amendment 2
State has right to maintain a militia(armed force for its protection)
Amendment 3
No forced quartering(housing) of troops
Amendment 4
No search or seizure w/o warrant
Amendment 5
No person shall be tried for a crime w/o being indicted.
no double jeopardy
Amendment 6
Right to speedy trial, right to attorney during every step of criminal process
Amendment 7
Civil Cases(not criminal)
cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited
Amendment 8
Bail, Cruel, and unusual punishment(death penalty
Amendment 9
Unenumerated Rights, Right to Privacy
Amendment 10
Powes Reserved to States, Federalism
Amendment 11
No suits against states
Amendment 12
Election of President and Vice President
Amendment 13
Bans Slavery, allows drafts and jury duty
Amendment 14
Defines Citizenship, Due Process Clause, Equal Protection
Amendment 15
Right to Vote-forbids discrimination of race, color, or previous servitude in determining voting
Amendment 16
Income Taxes
Amendment 17
Senators now elected by people
Amendment 18
Amendment 19
Women's Suffrage
Amendment 20
Congrees needs to meet @ least once a yr. Vice president becomes President if President is removed from office
Amendment 21
Repeal of 18th Amendment
Amendment 22
President can't serve more than two terms
Amendment 23
DC included in Electoral College
Amendment 24
End Poll Taxes
Amendment 25
Presidential Succession
Amendment 26
Voting age set at 18
Amendment 27
Delays effectiveness of any congressional pay raise to the next term