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commanded the continental army
how many free blacks fought in the am rev
led an uprising to protect indian lands west of the appalachians
took the place of her wounded husband during the revolution
margret corbin
wrote the dec of ind
thomas jefferson
defested at yorktown
under the british mercantile system, colonies were expected to
supply raw materials for england
the purpose of the committees of correspondence was to
keep each colong informend on british actions
parliment passed the intolerable acts in response to the
boston tea party
british arm leader in the southern states
the series of events that brought the british colonies to the point of rbellion started in 1773 with the passage of the
intolerable acts
the rev war began with the
shot heard round the world at lex and condcord
the british were forced to evacuate boston when general washington's me
claimed dorchester heights
american victories at trenton and princeton were important bc they
stoped plans for a quick end to the war
the british plan to end the war in 1777 ended in disaster when a large british army was forced to surrender at
The successful campaign in the Ohio River Valley to break the power of the British was led by
The battle that broke the will of the British to defeat the Americans was _____________.
As a result of Benjamin Franklin's shrewd and skillful negotiations, the rebellious colonies gained the much-needed help of ________________.
In the Declaration of Independence, the major responsibility for the trouble between the colonies and the mother country is placed upon ________________.
The colonists reacted to the Townshend Acts by __________________.
boycotting, refusing living quat and non importation acts
The colonists opposed the Stamp Act because ________________.
unfaitly taxed
The Sons of Liberty were colonists who opposed the Stamp Act by _______________.
protest and demolish
The British forts at Ticonderoga and Crown Point were seized by _____________ under the leadership of _____________.
vermont militia, ethan allen
The commander of the British expedition sent to Lexington by General Gage was _____________.
Helped write the Federalist papers
madison jay and hamilton
Led a farmers' rebellion in Massachusetts
Headed the committee that proposed the Articles of Confederation
damiel shays
suggested the terms of the great compromise
americans officially won independence when the
signed the treaty of paris in 1783
in 1776 all colonies became