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where is the independent master cylinder located?
in the cockpit mounted to the rudder pedal supports
what is the purpose of an independent master cylinder?
to create a flow of fluid in the on position and to relieve thermal expansion and allow replacement
desired characteristics of hydraulic fluid
low viscosity, corrosion stability, lubrication
what are the compoenents of a solenoid selector valve?
body slide and sleeve solenoid plunder and pin balls and seat
what are the two classifications for contamination?
particulate and fluid
list the parts of an aircraft affected by hydraulics
bomb bay doors, wing slats, wings
purpose of a reservoir?
to hold supply of fluid for operation and provide space for thermal expansion and allow automatic bleeding of air
pascals law
pressure exerted on an enclosed liquid is transmitted equally and undiminished in all directions and acts with equal force on all areas
two "other" functions of accummulators
thermal expansion, shocks and surges
formula for force
area * pressure
what are the two methods for measuring particulate contamination?
patch test, electronic test?
placard location and information it contains
type of fluid, fluid capacity, cautions
what determintes location of pump?
power source
what are three sources of power for pumps?
electrical, engine, ram air turbine
3 components of a hydraulic filter?
bowl, head, element
what are four types of hydraulic filters?
micronic, 5 micron, sintered, stainless steel
function of hydraulic motors?
to provide rotary mechnical motion
two mil spec for hydraulic fluid
mil prf 83282 mil-h-46???
list components of basic hydraulic system
reservoir, pump
list components of hand pump
manual bypass valve
actuating unit
check valve
hand pump
what are teh two types of hydraulic pumps
piston and gear pumps
what mil spec of hydraulic fluid is resistant to fire?
mil prf 83282
what are the three tpes of particulate contaminatioN/
inorganic organic metallic
four methods of decontamination
purging purifying recirculation and flushing
two types of accumulators
spherical/diaphram and cylindrical/piston
then toeing action is applied to the brake what pulls the piston rod down?
mechanical linkage
purpose of the power boost master cyclinder
to give a greater pressure at the brakes to aide the pilot
what are disadvantage of hydraulics
leakage and contamination
3 sources of contamination
maintenance malpractice, internal wear, poorly maintained support equipment
what pub is aviation hydraulics manual?
navair 01 1a 17
which pub is used when patch testing
mrc, navair 01 1a 17, mims
what are the desired qualities for hydraulic fluid?
low viscosity, corrosion stability, lubrication qualities
which hydraulic fluid is used for preservation
mil h 46170 type 2
3 ways to check fluid level in reservoir
dipstick, liquidometer, sight gage
what info does the placard on reservoir contain
fl capacity, type of fl, caution
purpose of hydraulic pump
to transmit teh flow of fluid
purpose of hydraulic filters
to filter the fluid of hydraulic system of foreign particles
what is micron measured in?
1millionth of a meter 39 millionths of an inch
pubs pertain to hydraulic filters
mrcs mims navair 01 1a 17
two types of relief valves
pressure relief valve, temp relief valve
purpose of a relief valve
to protect system from damage that could be caused by excessive system pressure
where are thermal relief valves located
in a hydraulic system where a check valve or selector valve prevents pressure from being relieved
what are the three functions of an accumulator?
normal, emergency, other
what valves are seated in independent master cylinder in on position?
compensation valve
purpose of power brake control valve
to release and to regulate the pressure of the main system to the brakes
what are the components of an independent master cyclinder?
housing, end caps and spacers, fluid ports
what is the function of a hydraulic motor?
convert fluid energy into rotary mechanical motion
what are the components of a reservoir?
baffle, fluid port, return port, air bleed port?
shearing shaft?
to prevent damage to the power source in the event of pump binding
what is the function of an actuating cylinder?
to transform hydraulic energy into mech linear motion
types of reservoirs
pressurized and non pressurized