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Give Me Liberty Or Give me death
Author: Patrick Henry
Tensions at Peak- control 15 yrs- Sugar Act, Currency Act, Stamp Act, Townshend Acts- Tea Act, Quartering Act(new version), Coercive Act(intolerable acts) 1773-1774 - 2nd Virginia Convention - things will get worse - impending war
The Declaration of Independence
Author: Thomas Jefferson
first shots April 19,1975
June 7, 1776 Richard Henry Lee - June 11 CC appoints Jefferson, Franklin, John Adams, Roger Livingston, Roger Sherman - Jefferson writes in one day - Life Liberty happiness - rights infringed/abolish - grievences-trade, troops - free independent of GB
Paris Peace Treaty
Cornwallis surrender 1781 - 1783 George III Cease fire - Am: John Adams, Franklin, John Jay - Brit: Richard Oswald and David Hartley - US bounds, fishing rights, restored rights to loyalists, mississipi, troops leave
Bill of rights
Author: James Madison
Const replace AofC - federalists support BoR - Anti's and Hamilton against - Fist Congress decided to make BoR - James Madison - George Mason Viginia - Freedom of speech, right to bare arms, cruel unusual, trial by Jury, speedy trial - not all rights - 12-2=10 - December 17 1791
What is an American?
Author: J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur
political freedom, religious freedom, poverty - plight - mixture - former euros
Dairy of a surgeon
Author: Albigence Waldo
Rev War - winter 1777 - bad conditions - traveling - sick - low supplies - meager shelter
Article 6
Constitutional Congress
const. replace AoF - AofF weak nat'l gov. - Article 6 makes nat'l law of land - all debts still exist
Treaty Delawares
Rev. War - US align with delawares - Bad Blood - existing frienship - Both help to defeat british - us wouldnt take land
Jefferson's second address
Louisiana purchase, expansion, Native Americans culture
Lewis & clark Journals
A:Clark, Ordway, Gass, Whitehouse
Louisiana purchase 1803 french - Jefferson->merriwether->Clark - Explore - Passage - Traveling - Terrain - weather - encounters