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big three
franklin D. Roosevelt-us, Winston Churchill Great Britain, Joseph Stalin-soviet union
yalta conference
big three metand made plans for the postwar world.
who became president after Roosevelt died
harry s truman
potsdam conference
big three divided germany into four zones...US france soviet union and was diveded tnto 4 sections too
united nations (un)
british chinese soviet and us ...a new organization to promote world peace
two major bodies of UN
Security Council General Assembly
how many belonged to security council
15(5 permanent 10 elcted for two year terms)
permaneant seats on security council
france, china, britain, US, Russia
Nuremberg Trials
trials acusing nazi soldiers of committing crimes against humanity
intgernational misitary tiibunal for the Rar EAst
trials acusing japanese soldiers of committing crimes against hunamity
UN gerneral assembly divided palestine w/ britain occupied into two states--
one jewish and one arab
salellite states
Soviet armeis helped stablish communist "satellie states" loyal to s.u.
two superpowers...little in comon economically or politically
U.S., soviet union...soviet--comunist, us demacracy...both wanted to spread their infuence
cold war
struggle between the U.S. and soviet union for global pwer
truman doctrine
u.s. would provide economic aid to help foreign countries fight communism...400 mil for greece and turkey
why did Truman make Truman Doctrine
soviet union behind revolt of funded to protect anti-comunist govts of greece and turkey...angered soveit leaders
marshall plan
us offered friendly aid to help the nations of Europe rebuild (some europeans thought that communsism would solve their economic troubles) 6 billion
ment o
n n
i t
sought to containt the spread of communism by reacting quickly to any soviet back agression, defecnsive strategy...soviets saw as offensive strategy
effect of engladn, france and us wanted german y independant antion...merged their areas of control to creat country of west germany, divied city of berlin still located in soviet-controlled eastern germany
angered by proposal blocked off all highway and reail traffic between west berlin and western europe
berlin airlift
west berlin could not survive w/o food and necessites from the west-- us and british planes brought food an d supplies to west berlin...planes landed in berlin every minute
afteroperation vittles (berlin airlift) lasted 321 days s.u didnt wasnt to risk a war and lifted its blockage..same year
became 2 nations...federal republic of germany west germany and german democratic repulblic east germany
north atlantic treaty organization
concern over growing military of canada icland and 9 other european nations formed military alliance pleading to defend others
what was the bad thing about nata (just like league of nations)
might require us to go to war without congressional approval
warsaw pact
same as nato w/ eastern european nations soviet union created
paper argued that su sought to control entire world
gi bill of rights
helped keep unemplyment low, offered veterans educational benefitsz to attend colleges and technical schools, also provided vets w/ affordable hoem and business loans, help 9mil
united mine workers
400000 went of strike, turman coundnt negotiate a stettle ment so he placed the mines under govt control
taft-hartley act
outlawed a workplace in which job applicants hav eto join a union before they can be hired, also required untion leaders to take an oath saying that they were not communists...pres veto, congress overrode
newly formed states rights party, favored racial segregation and wanted to restrict african american voting rights
fair deal
intended to probide full emplyment, a higher minimum wage, and a national health insurance plan...also called for more affordable housing, expanded social security benefits, aid for farmers