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election with four republican candidates: Adams, Calhoun, Clay and someone else. Clay eliminated. Adams won and announced Clay would be his sec. of state. Jackson said was a "corrupt bargain" between Adams and Clay. Shattered old party system. Jackson and Clay formed "National Republicans" to distinguish from Jefferson's old party. Dissappointed ex-supporters became democrats
Election of 1824
6th President; achieved excellence as a diplomat but not able to succeed in the new political environment of the Jacksonian Era
"Old Hickory", stubborn. Was in US house of Reps and US Center. Hero in Battle of New O. Lost to Adams. Elected in 1828 in bitter election. First pres to appeal to masses. Started modern democratic party. First president West of App Mountains. Dealt with what to do with indians. Crisis in 2nd US bank charter. Had prob with SC who wanted to nullify laws. Used veto power liberally. Brought great personal power to presidency.
Jackson supported this system under which public offices were appointed to political supporters as democratic reform.
Spoils System
US gov't forced native americans off their lands to OK. 1/4 died on teh way. 15,000 traveled.
Trail of Tears
case dealt with native american tribes that declared were exclusive states within GA; supreme court agreed and said state couldn't interfere but GA ignored ruling (jackson) and forced cherokees out
Worcester V. GA
war- wor- indians
white actors performed in shows to portray blacks as unable to hold property, as buffoons; portrayed slaves as content and happy. jacksonian era entertainment
Minstrel Shows
ministrone soup slurp- dumb buffoons
free black carpenter led slave rebellion in SC 1822
Denmark Vesey
each state had right to nullify any federal law that exceeded the power granted to congress under the constitution
theory of nullification
New Hampshire politician with a strong nationalist idealogy; opposed nullification by arguing that the people, not the states created the fed. gov't
Daniel Webster
clash between biddle and jackson; became symbol of conflict btwn common man and the upper economic classes
National Bank
new yorker who epitomized the new breed of politician because he exhibited an ability to organize and a skill for political tactics rather than oratorical skills or a magnetic personality
Martin Van Buren
sits at his bureau, or desk- not so good at speaking
William Hnery Harrison became the first president of this party after the first modern presidential campaign of 1840
Whig party