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Lexington and Concord
first shots of the Revolutionary War, militia was storing weapons, british went to confiscate them
no hint
Sons of Liberty
patriots in colonies
son of a LIBERTY!!!!
Thomas Paine
wrote "common sense"
common sense is a "paine"
Thomas Jefferson
wrote declaration of independence, secretary of state when washington was president, ran against john adams but lost 71-68, when he was president after adams, he cut taxes, reduced bureacracy, slashed army, left good things alone like nat. bank, judiaciary act of 1789, constitution had not specified courts powers, individual rights, owned slaves, Louisiana Purchase
no hint
treaty of paris
revolutionary war, americans won
no hint
Townshend Acts
tax on import of lead, paper, tea, paint, and glass; reactions were protesting letters, boycotting british goods
townspeople used their hands
intolerable acts
closed boston harbor until boston paid for destroyed tea at party; reactions were delagates from 12 colonies met as the first continental congress, created continental association to boycott british goods, petitioned the king
colonies behavior was intolerable
stamp act
taxed legal and commercial documents and printed stuff like newspapers; reactions were violent protests, stamp act congress met, boycott of british good began
stamps are on paper
declaration of independence
written by thomas jefferson, 1776 decided to write it to break away from england, used other works to write it
4 parts:
-declaration of rights
-complaints against the british
-resolution of independence
2nd continental congress
uicameral legislature(one house); most political power in states; Couldn't tax, raise an army. or compel states to action
Mr. Mahon is an idiot
Flexible with just the right amounts of specificity; it has been able to grow; adapts to the needs of Americans across time
Mr. Mahon is still an idiot
First Political Parties
1st 2 were democratic -republicans and federalists; Washington thought they would create conflict
todays parties and the gov. they are for
XYZ Affair
U.S. and France in mercantile war; Adams sent delegation to Paris for negotiations; French gov't demanded a $250,000 bribe and a $10,000,000 loan before seeing the foreign minister.
Xylophones cost a lot of money
Whiskey Rebellion
staple good; Washington didn't want it; proved that U.S. could enforce its own laws
Stop sign in the middle of a farm
people of higher social class
Marbury vs. Madison
first judicial review, supreme court deemed something unconstitutional
monica burped
Bill of Rights
-right to press, speech, religon, assembly, petition
-right to bear arms
-quartering act
-illegal searches and seizures
-self-incrimination and double jeopardy
-rights of accused such as speedy and public trial
-trial by jury in civil cases
-cruel and unusual punishment
-other peoples rights other than the ones listed
-states power
no hint
Midnight Judges
adams appointed midnight judges, pres. has power to appoint federal judges, did a lot of the ones he wanted right before he left office
leave in the dark
Shay's Rebellion
personal freedom was more important than gov., people were mad, states taxed specie (gold and silver) not paper, to pay off debt, ppl who couldn't pay lost property and stuff, veterans formed little armies and closed courts, staties tried to stop rebels,but they couldn't. nat. gov. couldn't regulate its peeps, b/c it couldn't raise an army
Articles of Confederation
3 flaws:
-couldn't tax
-couldn't control states
-can't regulate economy
Mr. Mahon still sucks
Where national government was located
we live by it
Branches of Gov.
executive branch-president; legislative branch-house and senate; judiciary-supreme court and the circuits of courts
heather didn't want a hint
greatest deal in U.S. history
(Luisiana Purchase
cost Americans $15,000,000; doubled the land mass and debt of th U.S.
think westish
count of the people in the U.S.
monica said that 10 minutes ago
judicial review
Power of federal courts to review state laws and state court decisions to determine if they are consitutional.
marbury vs. madison
Alien and Sedition Acts
Laws passed by congress in 1798 that enabled the gov. to imprison or deport aliens and to prosecute critics of the gov.
no hint
to take ppl into service on opposing side against will
no hint
Battle of Tippecanoe
native americans were not badly beaten, tecumsah survived, fighting against whites for land, used legal tricks to get off of land, that is what started the war
indians had canoes
Missouri Compromise
anything above missouri line was free and everything below, 11 states on each side before compromise, maine created to keep balance
no hint
a liking of a certain region
he likes that section
A silver or gold coin used as money
no hint
Trail of Tears
1,000 miles long. Andrew Jackson forced Cherokee Indians to walk in 116 days even after the Supreme Court told them that they could keep their land.
no hints
Gold Rush
1849 Gold discovered in CA; settlement outwest increased greatly
no hints
Corrupt Bargain
-Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, John C. Calhoun, John Quincy Adams
-Calhoun dropped out and decided to run for Vice President
-Clay dropped out because he was Speaker of the House and they had to deicede who was the president.
-Jackson occused Clay of using power in house to make Adams president.
-Clay got secratary in state.
4: (least to best)
no hint
Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson was a hero, America won
no hint
Nati. Bank
bank that holds the countries money, jackson split into pet banks
no hint
tax on imports
no hints
Treaty of Ghent
settled boundry disputes in N. Am., did not resolve the issues that caused war of 1812, british still harassed american ships
no hint
one person owns another, usually african americans
no hint
mexican war
santa anna, alamo, texan independence
no hint
tariff of 1828
hurt the south; south carolina declared that states had the right to nullify laws; south carolina was going to seceed from the country but congress passe the force bill and Jackson threatened to send troops to enforce the law.
no hint