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european nations were fiercely competitive in the race to find
marco polo upon his return to italy, published the work book of various experience telling of his journeys in
batolomeu dias was the first explorere to round the
southern tip of Africa
vasco de gama
rounded the southern tip of africa and made it to India in 1498
pedro alvares Cabral was blown off course en route to India and discovered
Columbus esatblished a post, la navidada on the island of
the aztecs welcomed______ with open arms bc they thought he was a god
Hernan COrtez
The Aztec population was devimated by____ brought by the Europeans
the spanish sent ______ to esplote present-day Colorado in search of the Seven Citied of Cibola
Francisco Vaquez Coranado
the spanish forced indigenous people to work in the
gold mines
francisco pisarro kill the inacan king
the influs of gold and silber the spanish introduved to the european market caused the
price to decrease
sir humphrey gilbert
the english explorer introduced the idea of gibing colonists free land for traveling to the New World.
Henry VIII
severed ties with the catholic church
england attacked ireland bc
they thought spanish might use it as a base to attack