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What does herbs in alterative group do?
Alteratives gradually alter and correct impure conditions of the blood-they can be stimulating and toning and there are relaxing alteratives
Name 8 herbs from alterative group
Nettle, Golden Seal roots and leaves, Oregon Grape root, Red Clover blossom, Plantain leaves,
Prickley Ash bark, Alder bark, Burdock root, Echinacea, White Oak bark
which herbs combined together to get good alterative mixture
3 alteratives + Aromatic + Demulcent
1/2 oz Red Clover blossoms
1/2 oz Golden Seal root
1/2 oz Burdock root
1/2 oz Peppermint
1/2 0z Slippery Elm bark
how many kinds of Sarsaparilla and wich one to use, is it remedy for syphilis?
There is 11 different kinds of Sarsaparilla, best one to use (and only) Jamaican Sarsaparilla, it is not remedy for syphilis
useful in pulmonary consumption?
Wood Sanicle (Sanicula europea)- alterative, expectorant and astrigent
formula for ulcers in the lungs or stomach containing Wood Sanicle?
1 oz Wood Sanicle
1/2 oz Marshmallow root
1/2 oz Mullein herb
make infusion with 1 quart H20
strain take 408 tablespoon every 3 hours
Would you give Stillingia (Queen's root) in a case where stomach is irritated
Diterpenes in Stillingia are irritants so in large doses or given too freely can cause burning feeling in stomach and bowels
agent useful as wash in skin eruptions
Oregon Grape (Mahonia aquifolium)
Rx as blood purifier including Red Clover
1 oz Red Clover
1 oz Burdock root
1 oz of Yellow Parilla root
1/2 oz Mullein
simmer and boil down from 2 to 1 quart. give 1 wineglass 3-4 times a day
for tumor or cancerous conditions
Princes Pine in combination with other agents
for leucorrhea
False Unicorn and Partridge Berry
which herb is most powerful alteratives ?
Poke Root (Phytolacca Americana)
is most powerful alteratives- good for hard and swollen glands, skin diseases, rheumatism, fibrous growths, blood tumors, indigestion, inflammation of the kidneys or alimentary canal
Which organs are chief organs for carrying off impuities and waste matter in the blood
liver,lungs, kidneys and skin
How to use Poke Root?
Roots and fruits are collected in autumn and dried- berries are milder in action, best to make fresh fluid extract from green root -macerate 1 pound in half gallon of 40% alcohol for 2 weeks, filter and use- for adults 10 drops every 4 hours- can be increased
for babies - feverish conditions use one drop in a teaspoonful of water every 3 hours
Another excellent remedies in class of alteratives- useful in same conditions as sanicle and sarsaparilla
Burdock Root (Arctium lappa)- skin troubles, itch, rheumatism and dropsy (seeds- they will increase flow of urine- unfailing in all kidney troubles)