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A liturgical service of special devotion to the Holy Eucharist; not the Mass.
The person who leads the singing and music portions of the Mass.
A long flowing robe that goes over the preist/celeberant's head.
Plural of Ciborium. A sacred covered vessel that contains the hosts (bread consecrated during Mass). The ciborium may also be kept at the tabernacle
To breifly touch the right knee as a sign of respect for the Eucharist. We do this whenever we pass in front of the tabernacle, with the exception of when you are carring something, you pause with respect.
Scarf-like vestment worn by the priest at Bennediction. It is a long cloth, usually white, which goes over the priest/celebrant's shoulders and covers his arms. This is attatched by a clasp in the front
Humeral Veil
A large metal container to display or show the host. Sacred vessel where the Eucharist is exposed during Benedicton
The large part of church where the congrigation is seated
The table in the enty way of the nave, the offertory gifts are placed on it to be carried up by gift bearers during Mass.
Offeratory table
A large white cloth which is spread over the casket at a funeral. It represents the white garmet given by the priest/celeberant to a baby at baptism. It is also a small white cloth cover placed over a chalice (not often used).
A large candle placed in a floor candlestick to symbolize the light of the risen Christ. It is blessed at the Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night. It stays in the Sanctuary until the end of Pentacost, and is lighted during every ceremony. After Pentacost, it is placed near the baptismal font, and used during Baptisms and funerals.
Paschal Candle
A small container used to bring Communion to the sick and housebound. It is sometimes kept in the sacristy
The area around the altar
There is always a single candle burning by the tabernacle to show the prescence of the Eucharist. It is only estinguished on Good Friday.
Sanctuary Lamp
Vestment worn by the priest and deacon around the neck. This long band of cloth worn by a Bishop, priest, and deacon during ceremonies is a symbol of the sacrament of the Holy Orders. It is usually the color of the Curch liturgical season. A deacon wears it over the left shoulder. Priests and bishops wear their stoles over both shoulders
This is where the Eucharist is between Masses, and during the week. Our church has a special chapel for the tabernacle. We show reverance by genuflectingwhenever we pass in front of it.
Container in which inscence is burned. The metal container holds the incense. The server carries this in his right hand.
The eve of the feast day, the night before any church feast or celebration.