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Cromolyn fxn
anti-inflammatory. Stabilizes mast cells. not a bronchodilator.
exercise induced asthma
occurs at the end or after exercise. Takes at least 10 minutes of activity to trigger.
age of allergies
food allergies: younger kids
pollen allergies: >4yrs
food allergies: sx
makes eczema worse, can cause anaphylaxis. Does not worsen asthma or rhinitis.
<7yrs: egg, milk, wheat
>7yr: egg, milk, wheat, peanut, seafood
acute urticaria, time and provocateur
<6wk. usually virus. Staph
chronic urticaria, time, sx
>6wks duration, stress, chronic exposure to antigen, thyroid, liver disease, autoimmune, infection
X-linked. 6mo sx start, as maternal Ab stop. pyogenic infections. no lymph nodes, no tonsils, absence in all Ig classes. Initial Rx is IVIg. No Ab prophylaxis.
meds contraindicated in asthma
B-blockers. block B-agonist therapy (albuterol)
NSAIDS should be avoided (can trigger asthma,
Samter S
10-30 yr old. asthma, nasal polyps, sinusits, NSAID sensitivity.
venom immunotherapy
for patients with systemic reactions to allergens. anaphylaxis.
Type I hypersensitivity
IgE allergic rxn may progress to anaphylaxis. Ag links to IgE and attach to mast cell causing degran:
Type II hypersensitivity
IgG Ab + Ag casue a rxn. Rh incompatibility is clssic.
Type III hypersensitivity.
IgAb-Ag complexes react with comlement. Serum sickness.
Type IV
delyaed hyperseneitivity. PPD. T cell reacts to Ag.
theophyline problems
erythromycin increases level. phenobarb decreases level. viral illness can increase levle. therapeutic index low.toxicity = seizures, intractable emesis.
breast feeding delay of allergic disease
if done for 6 months with supplement only by hypoallergenic formula
best way to reduce eczema in baby
Delay solid foods til after 4 months. reduced incidence of eczema.
subtle signs of anaphylaxis
Absence of rash, Abdominal pain.Feeling unwell or sense of doom, dizzyness, respiratory symptoms. Treat with epi when in doubt in those with known anaphylaxis (food allergies)
severe eczema and food
40% have food sensativity. Start with elimination diet for 2 weeks. If skin improves, systematically reintroduce foods. RAST and Skin testing not terribly helpful. Skin tests 50% false positive.
timing of drug allergy
usually within 24hrs of starting therapy. Rash developing later is usually. A rash that continues for 48hrs after D/C of med is almost certainly not a drug rxn.
age of outgrowing food allergies
Most by milk, egg, soy alergiew outgrown by 5y