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How do CPUs measure potential performance?
In megaHertz and gigaHertz (mHz & gHz)
What are the most common CPU packages, and what do they look like?
SEC (Single Edge Cartridge) - looks like a card
PGA (Pin Grid Array) - a square with pins on the back
What is RAM used for?
RAM stores programs and data currently in use by the CPU
How is RAM measured?
In bytes, megabytes, gigabytes (MB & GB)
What is the most current (as of 2002) package for RAM, and what sizes does it come in?
DIMM (Dual Inline Memory Module) comes in 168-pin and in 72- and 144-pin SO DIMM (Small Outline DIMM) packages
What is an older package of RAM, and what sizes did it come in?
SIMM (Single Inline Memory Module) came in 30-pin & 72-pin (the 72-pin more modern)
How big is a motherboard (usually)?
Just over the size of a sheet of notebook paper
What is the purpose of a motherboard?
The motherboard is what everything connects into and communicates through
What is the name of the small wires linking components on a motherboard?
Do all motherboards fit any case?
No, some motherboards require a case specially designed for that type
What voltage is supplied by US outlets?
What voltages does a power supply convert to?
3.3-volt, 5-volt, and 12-volt
How big is a normal power supply?
About the size of half a shoebox
What comes out of a power supply?
Some special connectors for the motherboard and lots of general-use connectors
What three locations would you normally find a fan inside a PC?
On the CPU (unless it has a heatsink), in the power supply, and possibly one or two others in the main body
What size floppy disk is standard?
What is the size of the obsolete floppy?
What size ribbon cable connects a floppy drive to the motherboard?
34-pin, just over 1.5" wide
What is the name of the place where a floppy drive cable connects to the motherboard?
Floppy controller
What does a floppy drive ribbon cable look like? (Width & other features)
34-pin ribbon cable just over 1.5" wide and has a twist in it, usually near the drive end
What other cable needs to go to a floppy drive?
A power cable
What is the purpose of a hard drive?
To store programs and data not currently in use by the CPU
How is a hard drive’s size measured?
In bytes, megabytes, gigabytes (MB & GB)
How many hard drives will a standard PC accept?
Up to 4 (if EIDE)
What are the common types of hard drive?
What is the name of the place where a hard drive cable connects to the motherboard?
Hard drive controller
Which type of hard drive can connect directly to a standard motherboard? How does the other kind connect?
B) Connects to a special SCSI controller card called a "SCSI host adapter"
How many EIDE controllers are normally found on a motherboard?
How many floppy drives can one PC support? How do they connect?
Two; both go on the same ribbon cable
What does an EIDE cable look like?
2" wide, 40-pin or 80-pin ribbon cable
What does a SCSI cable look like?
2.5" 50-pin or almost 2" 68-pin ribbon cable
What is usually the largest single component (power supply not included) in a PC?
The CD-ROM drive
What are the three types of CD?
CD-ROM ("read-only memory")
CD-R ("recordable")
CD-RW ("rewritable")
What other component is a CD drive treated like (connections, etc)?
A hard drive
Give a short history of CD-ROM drive controllers
Used to have own controllers, then controllers were built in to sound cards, now runs on EIDE or SCSI like a hard drive
What shape is a DB connector?
Slightly D-shaped (can only be inserted one way)
What range of pins can a DB connector have?
Can have 9-37 pins, but rarely has more than 25
What gender(s) can a DB socket be?
Male or female
What are the sizes of DIN connectors?
DIN and mini-DIN