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Where does Electron Transport occur?
In the mitochondria, across the inner membrane.
Describe Complex I of the ETC.
Electrons move via NADH --> Flavomononucleiotides --> Fe-S Complex --> UqH2 (pool)
This pumps 4 H+ across the inner mitochondrial membrane.
Describe Complex II of the ETC.
Basically step 6 of TCA.
Succinate + FAD ---> Fumerate + FADH2. Then electrons are moved via FADH2 --> Fe-S Complex --> UqH2
No protons are moved across the membrane.
Describe Complex III of ETC.
(AKA the Q Cycle)
UqH2 + Cytochrome C(ox) --> Uq + Cytochrome C(red)
4 H+ moved across the membrane.
Describe Complex IV of ETC.
4 Cytochrome C/(Fe2+) + 4 H+ + O2 ---> 4 Cytochrome C/(Fe3+) + 2 H2O
2 H+ are moved across the membrane.
What inhibitors work on Complex I?
Demerol & barbituates.
What inhibitors work on Complex II?
Carboxin & 2-thenoyltrifluroacetone
What inhibitors work on Complex IV?
Cyanide, Azide, & Carbon monoxide.
What can inhibit mitochondrial ATP synthase?
DCCD & oligomycin
What is the overall means to regulate the ETC?
The build-up of NADH which negatively regulates TCA.
What are uncouplers?
Substances which "leak" or transport H+ back across the membrane, disrupting the proton gradient. Gives off heat & no ATP is made.
What 2 features are shared by uncouplers?
They are all hydrophobic and have a dissociable H+.
What is ATP-ADP translocase?
A transport protein that mediates the movement of ATP & ADP across the mitochondrial membrane. For each ATP out, an ADP must be pumped into the matrix.