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name two other novels and a significant fact from willa cather
My Mortal Enemy/ story of a limiting husband

Paul's Case/ aesthetic dreamer with no time for school fleas his father and spends his bank account on a luxurious life in NYC
Name Cathers Four periods of writing and a book that represents that time?
1) Reflects need to escape from her past
My antonia
2)Rejects the east in favor of the childhood memory of the nebraska past.
A Lost Lady
3) She rejects the present, noting the impact on commercialism
The Proffessors House
4) she turns to the picturesque history of the past for refuge from the presnt
Not under forty
Name 4 significant facts about 1922?
1) Won pulitzer fro One of Ours
2) end of the NE cycle / pioneer tradition in her writing
3) wrote "The Unfurnished Novel" essay
4) The world broke in two
Define Biographical Criticism?
Using an authors life to hel;p better understand the writers work
What was the only love Willa Cather accepted
family love
Who was the real life role model for Mr Forrester
Silas Garber
What are the three themes in ALL?
time- as time passes things deteriorate
social class- there are class distinctions
appearance vs reality- things are not always how they appear
What is cathers "The unfurnished Novel" about?
theory of writing new style, getting rid of the clutter and sticking to the basics, the essentials.
What are the tree keys to her new theory?
selectivity- (had to be selective)
intensity (ends up intensifying work)
simplicity- (at same time simplifies work)
What do some see ALL as?
What is an allegory?
a story in which the characters, the action, the setting, all represent abstact qualitites or moral values ( a story in which everything is a symbol)
What is the structure of ALL
Part 1.1
Mrs Forrester alive, head of table, cut roast

Part 2.1
Mr Forrester dead, niel at head, cut duck

Part 1.2
aristocracy and wealth

Part 2.2
youth immature, middle class

Part 1.3
Bohemian Mary Prepared meal

Part 2.3
sister annie peters and mary prepared meal

Part 1.4

story of past, told how acquired land, home

Part 2.4

story of past, how she met and married captain forrester
What did cather say were the formative years in a writers life
between 8 and 15
Cather both ___ and ___ the country
said it was the ____ and the ____ of her life
Loved, Hated
happiness ,curse
Cathers life as a writer didnt begin till she was ____ only then could she look at nebraska with ______
40, Objectivity
In a review of a concert singer, cather wrote,?
"Married nightingales seldom sing"