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The various names for the Neoclassical period:
Age of Reason; Enlightenment; Federalist Period; Age of Humanism; Neoclassic Age
3 aspects from the period:
Patriotism; Instills pride; Creates common agreement on issues
a belief in the existence of a God on purely rational grounds without reliance or authority
4 of the Deistic beliefs:
freedom of the will; equality of all men; perfectibility of man through education; a benevolent God is revealed in nature, not in the BIble
the use of words or art to convey moral, social, educational or political messages
a short saying or pointed statement
an American who favors british rule
for the colonists an their independence
4 of 8 arguments Paine gives in his piece:
the colonists cause is just; those who shrink from crisis are traitors; good will come of the current panic; God is on the colonists side bc British King is acting like a common murderer
6 of 13 virtues:
chastity; order; temperance; frugality; industry; tranqulity
3 reasons we still read franklin today and discuss:
fullfills the American dream; hero of American Revolution; often called the first true american
characteristics of the Colonial period:
religious era- based on provodential history; tone is somber and passive and reflective; plain style
charactersitics of the neoclassical period:
reason/historical and issues conderning times; persuasive and witty and patriotic; more ornate