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Who is the story teller?
Scheherazade, the Sassanid Queen
How many nights are they told over?
_____ Arabian Nights
Why does she tell them?
To extend her execution
making something longer
What are the stories a collection of?
Ancient Indian and Persian Folk tales
What century?
8th century
after Christ
What was a cosmopolitan city?
Who was the Persian king?
What does he find out about his wife? What does he do?
She and her lover plotted to kill him, so he had them executed.
What does he do each night with his new bride?
Spends a night with her then gets executed the next day.
what else would he do?
What plan does the Persian queen have?
To tell a story each night to the king, and leave him with a cliff hanger at dawn, so that he would delay her execution.
What is the king finally convinced of?
All women are not plotting to kill him, and he marries Scheherazade
no execution
Where does the story take place?
modern day Turkey
How many robbers did Ali Baba see?
Ali Baba and the __ thieves
What did the chief robber say to the rock and what happened?
Open Sesame. Door opened in the rocks
What did Ali Baba see when he went it?
a lot of gold luxuries and stolen merchandise
come on, whats in a cave filled with robbers?
How did Cassim's wife find they had gold?
she stuck cuet to the measure, and Ali Baba's wife did not see the piece of gold stuck on it.
sticky stuff, measure
What problem did Cassim have when he got into the cave?
He couldn't remember the proper words
open barley!
What did the robbers do with Cassim?
They killed him and cut him into four pieces and nailed him to the walls to scare off tresspassers.
What did the slace girl, Morigiana, have done with the body?
Paid an old cobbler to sew up the body
Why were the thieves nervous?
Some one had discovered their secret
Where did the old cobbler, Baba Mustapha, lead the robber? What did the robber use chalk for?
Cassim's house. Mark the walls so he and the other robbers could come back and kill the other guy.
dead guy, marking
What did Morgiana do to confuse the robbers?
She marked three more houses
more houses
When the captain found the house, why did he want the men to bring 37 jars?
So they could hide in them.
hollow inside
Why would the captain throw stones at the jar?
To signal the robbers to come out.
What did Morgiana discover when she went to the yard looking for a jar of oil?
There were thieves inside the jar.
hollow jars
What did Morgiana do?
Stifled and killed all the robbers by pouring boiled oil inside the hollow jars.
What did the captain discover when he threw pebbles at the jar?
all his theives were dead
burned oil
What did Ali Baba do for Morgiana?
owed her his life, granted her freedom
life & liberty
What did the captain plot to do?
kill ali baba
What did the captain of theives and Ali Baba become
When the captain(Hassim) was at his house, what did Morgiana realise?
he was the robber captain and carried around a dagger under his cloak
While they were drinking, what did Morgiana do to entertain them?
she was dancing
belly _____
How did she trick the captain?
Dancing, and asked everyone for money, so when she came to him, he offered her money.
At first, was Ali Baba angry?
what do you think? your maid just killed your friend
What did Ali Baba give Morgiana for a reward?
Marriage to his son
ding dong
Was his family rich until the end of their lives?
well what do you think if you had a cave filled with riches