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An integer is drawn at random from 50 to 100. Find the probability it is the following:

a)the integer is even
b)the integer is a multiple of 10
c)the integer is a multiple of 10 and 9.
d)the integer is a multiple of 10 or a multiple of 9.
a) 26/51
b)6/51; reduces to 2/17
A letter of the alphabet is selected at random. Find the probability that it is the following.
b)a or z
c) r,s, or t
d)the letter is in the word math
What are disjoints set?
a.k.a. Mutually exclusive-the sets have nothing in common.
What is the probability of drawing a heart or a king from a regular deck of cards?
16/52; reduces to 4/13
Mary, Tim, and Sally applied to UGA. The probability of Tim getting accepted is 75%, the probability of Mary getting accepted is 80%, and the probability of Sally being accepted is 62.5%. What is the probability of all three being accepted?
How do you find the expected value of a wheel?
You multiply the amount of each slice times the probability of each slice, and then you add those products up.
How do you find how many spins it will take to land on a specific piece?
ahh, hopefully she doesn't ask this one, cause i dont know.
What does permutation mean?
Order does matter during permutation and an example of this is Tom, Joe, and Beth finish a race. In how many different ways can they finish the race?
What does combination mean?
Combination is where the order does not matter. An example of this would be there are 10 people in a class. They must be put into 2 groups, how many different ways can the group be made up?
How do you tell how many distinct permutations of an arrangement of the letters in a word?
You count of the number of letters and put the "!" symbol behind it in the calculator, and if there are any repititions you put those underneath [like a division problem] inside parentheses.
How many four person committees can be chosen from a group of nine people?
In how many ways can Noah, Brandon, and Mackenzie stand in line?
How many five digit numbers can you make by arranging the number 5, 2, 4, 9, and 7?
5! = 120
How many permutations can you make from the letters M, U, and K?
What is probability?
Probability is called the study of randomness, the probability that something may happen or chance that something may occur. It is sometimes expressed as a fraction between 0 and 1. It may also appear as a decimal or percent. Life is given in probabilities, the chance of rain or not, the side effects of a medication. Of course we look at dice, cards, and "wheel of fortune".