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Basic tactical priorities
1. rescue
2. fire control
3. loss control
Rescue efforts in order
severely threatened
largest number or group
remainder of fire area
the exposed areas
Why do we ventilate?
prevent mushrooming / flashover
or to gain and maintain entry
Salvage objectives
Stop or reduce the source of damage
protect or remove contents
How much 5" hose is carried on AFD pumpers?
min 800ft.
2 exceptions to the 2 in 2 out rule
immediate life hazard
incipient fire that can be extinguished with an extinguisher and without the need PPE
RIT may be assigned to what divisions during high rise ops
Resource division and a secondary location may be in the lobby division
Generaly apparatus should be no closer than ____ to an involved structure
3 fires that would not require an investigator to respond
JV firestarter
abadoned vehicle
small grass, fence or trash fires with no witnesses or suspects. accidental fires. auto fires that originate in the engine compt.
what makes up an attack team
2 engines and 1 ladder
If there is an apparent life hazard at a wildland incident, what is the automatic response level
wildland reponse level three
What is a level three wildland response?
ALL wildland task force stations, dep chief, mutual aid, recall, nm state forestry, dedicated dispatcher etc
During the urban interface structures are placed in what three catagories?
Needing little attention for now. Needing attention but savable. Hopeless
What does griding the green mean?
Searching for spot fires across the fireline, during mop up ops
During mop up how far into the burn do we mop up?
15 feet
Can issued structural firefighting gloves be used on a wildland incident?
Where should firefighting forces be during an aerial drop?
200ft uphill and perpendicular to the fireline
Radio designation for dept safety officer?
car 81
Name three measures to protect our people at a violent scene
fireline tape, APD and lighting
Standard co operations reduce what?
detailed orders necessary
Level one stageing, who goes to the scene?
1 engine 1 ladder and 1 chief
What is announced by the unit staging?
Unit and location / direction
ex R13 south
Three incidents where level II stage in affect
greater then one alarm, major medical, haz mat, anytime command decides
If your unit is enroute when command announces level II stage where do you respond to?
Two people staging officer might report to
Command or logistics
All initail attack efforts directed to support what?
Initial attack efforts must be placed in a manner to (3 items)
1. control interior access
2. confine fire
3. protect escape
It is SOP to stabilize fire with what approach whenever possible
aggressive interior attack
When does command declare strategy?
On scene report / size up
Salvage activites are directed to stop what kind of damage?
direct and indirect
Salvage objectives
Stop / reduce damage source
Protect / remove contents
Salvage begins where?
most severly threatned by damage. usually the fire area or just below
What fires pose a special rekindle possibility?
attic fires involving insulation
Who is responsible for total extinguishment?
Last company officer
Support activities are usually what?
Forcible entry
Provision of access
How amny post incident inspections should be scheduled?
At least one
Confusion is result of what
Lack of support functions
Command should develop a roof sector during what mode of operations?
Which tandem / relay is more effective?
Roof opening should be what size?
At least 10 % of roof surface
Who is resposible for coordinating PPV?
ladder or sector officer
What makes an attic a sealed space?
lack of vent openings
Two instances where command should initaite a ventilation sector?
high rise building or one with large building with large square footage.
Normal and predictable effect of PPV?
Blowtorch effect
First due companies to a working fire should....
lay own supply line
1 3/4 " line gpm?
2 1/2 " line gpm?
175 gpm
250 gpm
Ladder position to protect exposures
Turntable in line with wall to be protected
5" will resist mold, mildew, rot and most chemicals (t/f)
What is in the 5" hydrant bag?
One hydrant wrench, two strortz wrenches
Who will be contacted to ultimatley declare a may day?
Radio designation for RIT?
FF rescue group
which coupling leads to fire?
female fire
When lost avoid collapsing where? and why?
The middle of a room. Searchers will search walls and near exits first
What regulates apparatus placement?
How fast can fire burn through a fuselage?
60 seconds
Best place to cut plane?
around doors and roof
when a tire pile crusts over, how hot is underneath?
2,000 degrees
Why is sand, lime, cement dust and crushed coral used to bury tire fires?
All high in calcium which scrubs sulfur out
Rehab team consists of what?
Engine as needed